SkyWatch: Eyes on the skies!

Trish Wall
It is written in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: …” Seek the truth written in the Holy Bible. Pray. Repent. Live a life pleasing to Yah (God).

Searching For Truth
It’s so hard to hide now they have sprayed in New Mexico for five days straight, so many chemicals lingering around, making people physically sick, and it’s still visible here. Spraying non stop, night time too. 😷😷

Carolyn Aitkenhead
Great update Matt, sky here in Glasgow covers still not much to see, but I keep looking, as you say matt so much going on in our world, but the truth will show have noticed that white light – seems to get stronger. It’s breaking through the spraying, at certain times of the day, mid-afternoon, and when I look up, there they are again spraying, it must be costing billions of pounds to do this all over our beautiful world, thank you matt and the community – take care, stay safe all, especially you matt, good wishes to your family 😀 eyes to the sky folks x

Iris Turner
Thank You! I had the great fortune to meet and read Zachariah Sitchen many years ago. I have been waiting for – as you and scripture call ”Wormwood.” Whatever names the system has, the purification is upon us soon, as it has cycled through many times long long ago. Those powers that be, liars in denial, will reap the wrath upon them. The meek shall inherit the Earth. Stay strong. ✌💝

First Last
It’s an error to call them the “powers that be” the language is incorrect “THE COWARDS THAT BE” is more appropriate…. the first being entirely to aggrandizing to what they claim to be… we are the people are the Power that is…. not these jacked up interlopers.

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