As a retired police officer, I’m appalled the police will no longer investigate ‘low-level’ crime

Due to police cuts, the Met will no longer be investigating ‘less serious’ crimes such as burglary

”As a retired police officer and lifetime Londoner who strongly supports the Met, I was appalled to read that the Met will no longer bother to investigate “low-level” crime and presumably will no longer respond to calls reporting such crime.

Quite how burglary can be viewed as “low level” and unworthy of investigation is beyond me. It is a devastating crime and victims not only need support and reassurance, but they also need on-the-spot advice to prevent it happening again; burglars do frequently return to the scene of their own crime.

And what of stores and shopkeepers, especially the smaller businesses, already plagued by thieves and anti-social behaviour? Have we now reached a stage where hooded, masked thugs can simply walk into a shop and casually take whatever they want, knowing that this will not be of interest to police?

If you’re walking along the street or quietly drinking in a pub and get a smack in the face from a thug for no apparent reason, are we really saying that unless the injury is serious, you shouldn’t bother the police? Such assaults do tremendous and perhaps irreparable damage to a victim’s self-confidence and wellbeing.

The public understand only too well the damage Government cuts have done to policing. However, if this policy is implemented by the Met, public confidence will wane and a significant gulf will develop between the Met and the people of London who will rightly feel less secure.

Of course the public will no longer bother reporting “low-level” offences and in a couple of years’ time we’ll doubtless have the Met’s spin doctors gleefully proclaiming that there has been a dramatic fall in burglary, theft and other “minor” crime!”

Chris Hobbs

one man and his bot…..
The decay of constitutional democracy. Soon, only the wealthy will have the privilege of law enforcement…

So after a massive push to get people to report anti social behaviour on public transport (“hate crime”) and all the fuss of the police “investigating” every other comment on social media, or trying to get people to report crimes from over 40 years ago, NOW they say they don’t want to deal with thefts.

Maybe the police should get off facebook, and get out into the real world. Not sure many will recognise it though.

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