The TeasMaid ”Brexit Is Brexit Vehicle” Is Stalling – Part iii

The biggest con trick in British political history is about to be played out by the government.

The biggest con trick in British political history is about to be played out by the government. We the public are about to be screwed big time with £20 billion up front and behind the door promises of the balance in installments over so many years!

Lynmar – > Army& Navy
They’re after 5 years’ worth of gash contributions AFTER March 2019 – that’s what the divorce bill is about. I bet if she agreed to continue with £12 billion/year for 5 years, this divorce bill thing would soon be forgotten.

joecorr – > Lynmar
Does the PM have the authority to pay a fee that is not legal? Where’s Mina Giller now that the boots on the other foot?

Traitor May and her ‘nest of Vipers ‘ will sell the United Kingdom out to Brussels.

I am a remainer but this proposal of 2 years extra is pure nonsense.
First of all, Mrs. May waited almost a year to trigger Art.50.
Then she called an unnecessary election where she gave up a majority.
Now the Brexit negotiations are stuck in the mud.
A 2 year transitional period will solve nothing. Besides, this proposal will be rejected by the EU.
Mrs. May made a HUGE mistake claiming that a 51,9% majority was ‘a clear mandate for hard Brexit’. IT WAS NOT and hence all the problems with no clear vision of the future.

GW:  Yep with Treason May ”no clear vision of the future” – Correct.

that’s why she wanted the election done before – nothing to do with ” strong and stable Britain ” – more like I can backtrack on brexit for a few more years before you can get rid of me.

So the betrayal begins. First they say no deal is better than a bad deal, then they say they will walk away if Brussels doesn’t meet us half way. Brussels stamps its feet over EU citizens in U.K. but doesn’t bother about our citizens in EU and yet we give in by saying the obvious which need not of have been said. Now they scream for money that they know is illegal and again we give in to kick-start talks.

how utterly stupid and useless our governments and our civil servants are. They will now be blackmailed like the Norwegians into keeping the UK tied to EU for years. They will sell us out for their own careers and pensions. The Remainers will have turned over a democratic vote.

we need a change of leadership if she so much as offers a penny. She needs to grow a backbone!!!! She needs to tell the Remainers and the bloody BoE to start looking after the country and note their paymasters. We the taxpayer will be paying for this for years. Totally unnecessary in the same way we bailed out the banks so they can poke us in the eye again. This is about London and globalists. It is not about making the United Kingdom great again

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