London terror attack: Bungling Parsons Green bomber left huge amount of evidence at scene

You mean the perp got that dirty looking thing with wires sticking out of it onto a tube without ANYONE noticing?  How did he/she get through the ticked barrier with it?

GW:  Really?? How lucky was that?  It’s as is if he/she/they wanted everyone to know who they were.  Did he/she/they leave a perfectly intact passport/s at the scene by any chance?

The 360 Bus on Chelsea Bridge – 360 Degrees? Full Circle?

Comments Unavailable. Wonder why?

Mirror Comments

if it was a terrorist bomb incident, how did the media get access to film the bucket? and it was media as you can see the reflections in the windows, also why is there always photos of people with injuries to their left leg in these terror attacks ? where did that girl get a 3 inch bandage from? and why were her jeans ripped? the girl with the bandage around her head looked like the severe burns weren’t bothering her very much.

why didn’t they attempt to put the fire out? why did the plastic bucket not melt at all? where’s the press asking these questions?

the bucket ignited with such ferocity that it burned 14 people and yet everything around it was unmarked… why?


London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he would boost the number of constables dedicated to each ward in the capital.

He said: “We are returning to real neighbourhood policing with a second dedicated PC in every London ward by the end of next year, to be the eyes and ears of our security services and build trust in our communities.”

Do those guys look like a neighbourhood policing team to you?

Exclusive Parsons Green bombing Expert Analysis

Smoke & Mirrors

Goggle Censorship already eh?  Try this VidMe Link then:

And also at LiveLeak:

You can’t win this one Goggle.

BrotherSpartacus (edited)
’22’ victims treated in four hospitals.
1247 Eyewitness Emma Stevie: “Lost a shoe.” ‘”It was so ‘surreal’.” Emergency Services were there immediately.
1250 Eyewitness ‘Charlie’: “Like you see in the movies.”
1254 ’93’ on two police vehicles. (See Aleister Crowley’s ’93’ and ‘9393’ Thelema greeting)
1300 22535 on train carriage ’22’
1325 ‘Mental Health’ institutions needed for terrorists!!! [Mental Health agenda (Soviet-style)]
1347 ’93’ ‘8433’ ’33’ on top of vehicle.
1355 On the Emergency Services… “They do drills all the time.”
Zero signs of trauma from any of the alleged victims – actually quite the opposite.
[ A C Rowley – Asst Commissioner Mark (of the beast) Rowley in charge of investigation ]

16 September 2017
”The Met Police confirmed the the 18-year-old man was arrested by Kent Police in the port area of Dover this morning, under section 41 of the Terrorism Act.”

It is said by some that one of the FF indicators is when the matter is ”cleared up rather quickly.”

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