Google Using Warning Labels & AI To Fight ”Extremists”

CNN & Google now say the Alternative Media are Extremists & equivalent to ISIS

”In the summer of 2017 Google/Youtube announced that they would be fighting to protect the pedophiles, mass-murderers, thieves, war-mongers, real terrorists & poisoners of this planet by censoring the free speech that exposes them all. And they did just that, arbitrarily killing Youtube channels that allow the sheep in this world a glimpse outside the matrix in which they live. Their unconstitutional actions are responsible for this Steemit channel, and my Vimeo, and BitChute channels and the posting of my work to Light On Conspiracies. In other words: When will the criminal elitist cabal start minding the virtual raping of their egos every time we expose them? When will they learn that truth is self-evident and cannot be disproven? When will they realize that their vocalization to censor free speech is a chink in the truth dam? With me, personally, they have created a monster. The list of channels above upon which I will continue exposing them is the direct result of their attack. I will find other avenues to spread truth also. I will never stop in my efforts to liberate this beautiful planet from the cesspool of psychopaths which have their tentacles all across this land.”

Congratulations, Google/Youtube, enemies of humanity. You have just made your problem that much worse.

ISIS = Israel Secret Intel Service

Enchanted Life Path TV (edited)
I have lost four channels this summer but my website lives on as do all of the other platforms iI have, now I have set a radio station up which I am currently turning my videos into MP3 files to then place in a playlist in teh radio station. It is called Radio Enchanted LifePath and will be live 24/7 via my website and TuneIn as well as ShoutCast. I have done this as it will help me back up all my work even in audio form to the radio and then I use another platform which allows me to stream live to Periscope, YouTube, Dailymotion, Twitch and Facebook all from my OBS screen layout this will carry on the same and I will still be editing videos but I want to know if I can feature your channel/videos in my playlist sometimes when it is the Truth Channel hour it will again back your work up and show us all a new way to fight back at these ScrewTube Clowns wiping our channels. I will also be placing your channel in a playlist on my site. Thanks for all your great videos, I watch each day! Here’s my website link to the radio show.

Raven Precept
The search we have now comes back with what they want you to look at and will not always show the exact or good matches.

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