More Oddities In Barthelona

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Published on 29 Aug 2017

UK Critical Thinker
The guy got out of the van and within 2 minutes had run back up towards where he started in order for the hostage element of this thing to take place. This amount of police, undercovers and cordon is put up far too fast for this to be ‘just after the van attack’.

Still though, always worth a second thought and that’s what we want people to do, think about it!

Something Fishy
That’s my same thoughts, UK Critical Thinker. How did they get this all taped off so quickly, and that many police? And then, why do the police — who cordoned off the area — let the people run up the street with them? If they had something trigger them to run around like that — and clearly there was something to make the milling about people RUN with the BULLshit — why aren’t the police telling them to stay where they are? OMIGOSH, it’s all too funny.

Something Fishy

My questions are . . . how did they get there so quickly, if this was “after” the main event? They’re not plain clothes if they are wearing vests, IMHO. That’s a lot of police presence, for a normal day of not knowing what was going to happen {wink, wink}. And what made the group of people standing around run around like chickens with their heads cut off? And . . . why were the police telling them to stay behind the tape when something else happened that triggered them to move. It’s all bullshit.

Taffy 123
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is blaming Barcelona on the Charlottesville event. Most people are confused by that comparison, however I’m willing to bet that they pulled exactly the same psyop (everyone there were actors, sealed off streets to keep out unauthorized people, etc)

Something Fishy
Standing around AFTER, for what? You should keep to your original thoughts.
Let’s assume it’s a normal day in Barthelonia. Why would there be such high police presence on a normal day? Before, during or after the staged event, seems like a lot of police “on scene” no matter what/when. The vehicular van plowing in to people, how can police mobilize so fast, cordon off a portion of a street, which is clearly empty other than the few people standing around, on such a normal day? Why would people be standing around like that? If what you say is AFTER the alleged event, what was it that triggered them to move, scramble, cue baby crying, run up the streets, and why do they run in the SAME direction that the police with vests and guns drawn run? Wouldn’t the police be telling people to “stay here!” ? They cordon off an area, then something happens, and it’s “safe” for the people to get into action and run like chickens with their heads’ cut off?!? Look at 0:47 and continue. . . everyone runs in the same direction with the police. The police run past the people, and aren’t protecting them, keeping them from the “unknown” and harm’s way? If this was AFTER, then we can assume the police have been told through their earpieces about the possible __________ [fill in the blank]. So what triggered them to swarm after? And why aren’t the police saying to the people “Wait here! Don’t go past the tape?” If this was AFTER and they cordoned the area off . . . and now something else?? Clearly, whatever happened was NOT near this group of standing around people, but the police let them go past the “safe” taped off area?!?!?They aren’t controlling the crowd, which seems to have run amuck Who knows? Maybe that’s how they protect people in Barthelona. Crowd control in a safer manner? FAIL! They can’t have it both ways. I think they were placed there, waiting for the action and ran TO IT.

I want to know what they tell the crisis actors when they ask “What is this all for?”. They must have some standard line like “It’s to save the EU!” or some bull shit like that. Actors tend to be pretty Liberal so producing fake terror shows to frame innocent Muslims must raise a red flag somewhere int their conscience.
I predict a massive back-lash by the Left when the truth comes out. Muahahahahahaa

More Oddities @ Bath-Alone-a

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