Members of young Tories’ WhatsApp group exchange vile messages about ‘gassing chavs’

This perfectly demonstrates just one of the many reasons the Tories are known as the nasty party.Their parents and the rest of that rabble must be so proud that the, “little darlings”, are following in Mummy and Daddy’s footsteps.I m beginning to feel sorry for the Tory supporters. They are going to have a very rude awakening. Poor dears!

They sneer at how others bring up their kids and yet they can’t stand being in the presence of their own, packing them off to school so they can get on with their life. Even during the holidays they pay for them to go away as long as they don’t come back and get it the way. These dysfunctional kids then grab the power they feel they are entitled to and start the nest feathering process again. Always capable of condemning the “underclass” and blind to their own different problems, complete lack of empathy and the feeling that somehow belittling others makes them better. I used the word dysfunctional and that’s exactly what they are. There’s one thing they despise more than the less well off and that’s the less well off that support them, they see them for the idiots they are.

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