Shock graph showing just how ECB has propped up DEBT ADDICTED Eurozone


hatari, the UK debt would be a lot less if we did not have to prop up the EU. Would you give part of your wages to your neighbours because they spend to much.

Why does the DE go on about the Eurozone quantitative easing programme but never mentions the Bank of England’s programme? Surely what happens in the UK is more important to us!

It’s biased news to try and keep brexiters happy despite the worsening economic situation in the UK, and to justify the DE’s stance on the referendum.

And for anyone who doesn’t believe me about the BofE programme (because presumably they only read the DE and don’t have a clue) look up Asset Purchase Facility.

Not really Martin123 since our funds in the ECB are going towards propping up a currency that we don’t use whereas the BoE props up our own currency. I would doubt the legality of using a non-euro country’s funds to prop up the euro but perhaps this is why the EU are denying that UK is due any rebate from the funds held in ECB – they need it to prop up the euro!!!

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