Eurocrats splurge nearly £500,000 on foreign trips… and HIDE details for three years

Korina Wood
Write to your MP and ask them to raise the issue in the House of Commons to bring a motion forward to Condemn this theft from the UK Taxpayers, if your MP will not raise this issue and condemn it as theft then you must let everyone know that your MP supports this type of abuse. Name them and shame them.

It would be interesting to see the Kinnocks expenses in Brussels. They became very wealthy while in Brussels, and in addition to a large salary which they both collected, they all claimed expenses (Adults and the son), did they collect twice? Although they made a lot of money, and now golden pensions each, can anyone think of anything that they ever accomplished, anything? Bliars expenses would be good to see, if they can ever be found.

These are just travel expenses….. we have yet to see the entire list of expenses.

Once people really start to see what the EU is about,,,,,,, the only supporters the EU will have left are their trolls; whom I must say have done a tremendous job,,,,,,, against all odds ,,,, and with absolutely nothing beneficial about the EU, have managed to almost create the illusion that the EU has a use at all.

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