True Cost Of EUSSR Membership – Part ii

Disgusted from – > Val Brooker
Yes but don;t forget it has always been with the connivance of our own government!

Just think of all the lost votes if the remainers knew the truth, we were lied to alright by the ELITE Remain camp, 52%?? more like 99% would of voted leave knowing this.

Lea – > lefttobritainagain
”Elite”? Good grief, they’re not ELITE! They really are *onkers.

lefttobritainagain – > Lea
GM not a ELITE then?? BLIAR, Mandelson??

Disgusted from – > lefttobritainagain
No – they only think they are – the superiority that money brings is probably one of the reasons that we have the governments that we do!

It is appalling that we were bailing out the euro at a time when that wretched Osborne was inflicting domestic cuts on the basis of the demands of austerity. The more we learn, the more jaw droppingly corrupt and private pocket lining, our years of membership are revealed to be. When history records this sad time in our history it will be to conclude that it was inevitable that the UK would leave, but the extent to which our leaving triggered the collapse of the Union will be argued over for some time. Many will conclude that collapse was inevitable too, regardless of the UK’s stance, but that it was highly fortunate for the UK that it left when it did.

The EU is one huge socialist redistribution of wealth project and we are the mugs propping up other bankrupt european countries.

You all must realise that true cost is still much, much, much higher, because these figures don’t take into account the costs to our NHS of having 3 million EU citizens here, plus all the medical tourism the system allows, the cost of taking many of our factories to European countries, the cost of not being able to build our own warships, tanks, and trains. The cost of educating European kids with all the associated language problems, the cost to our fishing industry, etc etc.
I’m sure I could go on all day, but you get my point!

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