‘True’ £660m weekly cost of Britain’s EU membership


So its actually WORSE than the £330m the remoaners complained about as a lie.

Well well well, no wonder the EU and all there trolls are so desperate for us to stay, WE ARE BASICALLY THE EU MONETARY FUND, 350m to the NHS seems like peanuts now , so the only lie they tried to spin, they havent even got that anymore, remoaners please dont tell us we need them more, LETS GET THE HELL OUT NOW OF THIS PARASITIC VILE CLUB.

The longer we delay the more we will pay and the more likely we will get inflation.

Our currency has fallen and although good for exports we need stop imports increasing in price. In short we need out of the EU so that we can lower import tariffs on non EU goods.

Delay is our enemy, we need our freedoms back now, not in another 40 years!

BevBrown – > Rum Fellow
and buy more British goods

Happy forever – > Bev Brown
And get our farmers producing once again, instead of being paid not to produce.!

Eleze210 – > Happyforever
Our Steel back our fishing and manufacturing and factories Buy British and Back Britain.

The true cost is that these EU parasites like Bonkers, want to take away our Sovereignty and self determination – and that is priceless !

Theungagged – > Cekka1
They HAVE taken away our sovereignty and independence.
We want them BACK and have voted to do so.
Anything other than the return of those is TREASON by our politicians.
Mind you it won’t be the first treasonable act by them will it ?

Being an EU member state is an ugly business. Not only does Brussels treat all nations as if they themselves own them but the financial cost is just simply horrendous. It makes me sick to think how much British people do without to blow it all to lazy nations who love free money and their citizens can come here and live off us too. OUT NOW

Quite why ANYONE with even the semblance of a brain could possibly want to remain in the EU, given what we now know about the EU and how it operates, simply escapes me.

JohnVernon – > Richard Lion Heart
Well that’s the whole point, don’t let the people know what’s happening, obfuscate, do what ever is necessary. Ye gods if they get too much information, especially even resembling the truth, they’d all be off like rats leaving a sinking ship. Then where would we be, Nightmare. Sounds of gravy trickling down the drain.

Allyoops – > Richard Lion Heart
They are NWO people, they are dictators who hate democracy and they have had 30 years to brainwash the people. They have managed to brainwash a lot of young people but those with a longer life experience have finally woken up. The NWO people are quite evil really, they really do want to destroy the western world.

Then there are the EU projects…. such as the EU Trans European Network- Trains ( which we term HS-2 ) That is likely to cost £77 Billion borrowed from the Chinese, on another PFI scheme .
Also Every Pound spent here by the EU on projects HAS to be matched by a British government spend of equal amount.

No wonder the world’s 5th biggest economy is in debt. Britain had no control over its own spending.

UK Tax money is paid & collected in Sterling.
Our EU subscription will be (I reckon) costed in EUROs.
Well there is another 20% since the referendum in buying foreign currency Euros after the Sterling devaluation.
Owch, Let us walk now. You know it makes sense.

TheSaint Darren A
For Britain, it really isn’t the biggest single market, remove Britain and it becomes around 440 million, remove those who buy very little from us, and it becomes just over 200 million.
The USA is 326 million.

Not to mention giving other European countries most of our fishing industry, the loss of agricultural production so other European countries could benefit at the cost of our own. The buy out, scrapping and/or relocating of British manufacturing to other European countries/investors, the sell off of our our public services to European countries. All of which charge the UK more so they can subsidize their own. I bet the real cost would closer to trillions. It’s been a case of ‘Rip off the British’, since day one.

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