UK Column News 1 August 2017

@ George Greek Trucker

  • There is a lot of Online ”extremism” rhetoric about at the moment.
  • Facebook wants to continue with its facial recognition agenda.
  • Inside information about HMP The Mount – too many young inexperienced officers had been deployed.  Prison was ”on the brink” for weeks.  This was accurate news coming out via a twitter page btw.  Yet UK Gov wants to target Social Media.
  • Orchestrated breakdown of the UK prison system.
  • Melanie shaw’s latest letter from prison describes similar mayhem in the prison she’s in.  The Government is unaware of this?  Write to TC Sec in charge.
  • One Public Estate – to sell off government owned property – especially local councils, NHS, Police Force etc.  We see this in Watford.  Combining Police & Fire Service – selling off the Courts of Justice and Fire Stations.  Totally gob smacked by the audacity of it!
  • UKC are getting Reports of Fraud & Corruption in local authorities and when UK Column looks into these reports they get irate bluster.
  • Nicholas Boles & Danny Kruger are telling us that the government is deliberately spreading chaos and we were told yesterday that the ToriCon Party and other Ministers have been declared immune from prosecution for criminal acts.  This is all being drifted in with Liberalism and Common Purpose.
  • Please write a letter or put in an email to your local MP.
  • Grenfell Enquiry deadline 4th August 2017 – participate in the Terms of Reference to widen the scope of the enquiry.  Have your say about the scope.
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