Train Overcrowding – worst since figures collected – warns Labour

“Overcrowding on our railways is fast becoming a national disgrace thanks to the Tories,” said Andy McDonald MP, the Shadow Transport Secretary.

Gordian Knot
Recently returned from Europe where the publicly-owned trains were clean, punctual, had plenty of room and were very reasonably priced. Then a journey in the UK, with pre-booked ticket involving three privatised train companies. First train cancelled, then found that ticket no longer valid on second stage of journey because couldn’t take specified train, and told to pay all over again. Each company blamed the other. And trains dirty and overcrowded. But I suppose that if you are a Tory you will always prefer a grotesquely inefficient and expensive service run by private companies to a cheap efficient nationalised service.

British Rail worked perfectly well, it got me from A. to B. cheaply, I didn’t have to take out a mortgage to buy a season ticket.
The Tories told us that privatisation would lower prices, it achieved the opposite, the Conservatives aren’t fit to run a whelk stall.

Living in denial again, are we?

When I took the Southwest train from Southampton on Friday evening, the 5:30pm train was 20 minutes late, and the only seats available were in first-class. There were lots of people sitting in the corridor for the one-and-a-half hour journey to Waterloo. Check the facts, and you will see that’s true. Of course, people like you will swallow the Branson propaganda and just claim that there were a lot of empty seats available….

Overcrowding is a fact of this current train service. It’s broken. It’s not working.

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