Macron Mistake Part iv

Pooper scooper
Obviously the logical thing is boots on the ground in Libya, armed to the teeth, wipe out the people smuggling operations and set up proper camp’s. All seems totally logical to me, would work out far cheaper in the long run.

It seems to be the aid workers who are doing most of the people trafficking.

Aid workers aka criminal gangs operating under false colours.

Boots on the ground in Libya
Who’s boots? – not ours! No one in their right mind will put troops into Libya – it is an unwinnable situation for anyone. Far better to pull the ‘rescue ships’ back to the EU border, and to refuse point-blank any attempted entry by any boat or ship carrying immigrants. Apart from the ‘Naval ship’s operating as ferries, the so-called Charity rescue ships are no more than fronts for criminal organizations who are able to pick up their human cargoes and deliver them to Europe. These Charity Boats / ships MUST be turned back to Libya to discharge their cargoes from whence they came – and any boat refusing to so so should be seized, unloaded, and destroyed by gunfire or demolition charges.

Seems to me they’re all missing the point – why the hell is the EU allowing boatloads of illegal immigrants to be ferried across the Med. on a daily basis, when Italy is already overwhelmed and struggling, and no other country wants them either. Why aren’t the boats being turned back, and why aren’t illegal immigrants being deported immediately on arrival? As usual, the EU blathers on about values and solidarity, but is paralysed by indecision, stupidity and political correctness. Macron is just another EU puppet, like Cameron and Blair before him, all hypocritical, treacherous windbags, expert in the the art of posturing and pontificating for their own self-glorification.

Libya was ticking along quite nicely when Muammar Gadaffi was in charge.

Take Back Control
That’s why the Elite got rid of him. He was a major hindrance to the Kalergi plan

The French society should’ve voted for Maria Le-Pen to get the positive results the French people wanted to save their values from a planned mass invasion of intolerant violent cultures. And the E.U. has set out policies to protect and reward the aggressive intolerant cultures, while the European white victims are left with no rights at all Macron came to power by a corrupt organization helping him.

l found this brilliant post, which does explain how France, Germany, and Britain etc, lost it’s identity and values by a planned mass invasion. The author is Debbie Williams

The concept of Multiculturalism has been one of the most damaging processes ever to be inflicted upon the West. I use the word “West” because it would appear that only Western countries require the need to be overwhelmed by other cultures, with values and traditions that are totally alien to those found within Europe.

Is the implementation of Multiculturalism promoted with such zeal and determination in Africa or The Middle East? We think not.I would point out that Europe has not only survived, but has prospered over millennia without the need to import every man and his dog into the continent, based on the flawed logic of our political elite, and the false claims that these new migrants will be a benefit to us.

Our young people are being brainwashed at school by a left-wing ideology, whereby they accept blindly the idea of a Multicultural society. Another devastating weapon used to fuel our demise is the implementation of Political Correctness; a process of mind-control designed to stop debate, and therefore allowing those who use it to achieve their goals.

We are being constantly attacked on all sides, by organisations working hand in hand. The Co-Conspirators include, The Multicultural supporting politicians from within our own Parliament, along with the controlled mass media, the EU, the UN, the Bilderberg Group, Common Purpose, The Frankfurt School, and the international banking fraternity. Is it any wonder that the public are left in a permanent state of confusion and apathy?

To put it simply, if you import the Third World on such a scale, you will inevitably find yourselves becoming a Third World country. Our own politicians are culpable of inflicting more damage to our cultural heritage than any invading army.

GW:  Google ”Refugees Attacking Frenchman. But He Has a Surprise”


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