Macron Mistake Part iii

”Wrrrauuugh Je t’aime Je t’aime”

Local voter
That’s what you get when you invent a new party in 6 months (En Marche) , and find it has all the old leaders from the old party that the public hated in place, gullible French. Exactly what Blair is now planing over here with his millions and new-found followers of minions like branson.  Hmmm heard that Bliar had written Macron a ”billet doux”

BLiar to EM … Bomb Serbia, Bomb Iraq, Tell lies, Borrow lots of money, Spend it all on vanity projects. Lots of cake and circuses. Job done. Oh, & Herr Merkel is really, really nice.

zac48 •
Anyone, can surely see the malevolence in the eyes of Tony Blair.

LK312 •
Cher M. Macron,

S’il vous plait, listen to Tony Blair…and then do the exact opposite for France’s sake.


La France

GW:  Macron was moulded by tptwtb to be like OBummer & Bliar.

Macron will inevitably fall on his arse. Decades of socialism have left France so well and truly f**ked that it will take a right wing government to sort out the mess.

Macron works for the Bilderberg group who control the banks and money flow along with the EU who don’t represent the EU citizens but only the banking corporatist agenda. All you foolish liberal left inc you! re-mainers have to be the most idiotic people on the planet giving up your democracy rights and laws to a bunch pretend loving set of evil power hungry maniacs who want to control you.

Macron arrives from absolutely nowhere with no worthwhile experience at his age and suddenly he declares himself an expert on the EU problems. Somehow something does not add up with his election and I would not be surprised if Merkel and Co did not have some involvement. The whole election stinks…….just ahead of ours!

Like I always stated on DE,
I highly suspect the french election was rigged, there is no way
it was elected fairly by the frenchs. The EU have done everything
to make sure Macron got elected.
I remember Merkel saying I will do everything in my power to make sure
Marine Le pen is not elected, those statments were echoed by
Hollande. And before his end of the mandate, Hollande worked hard
to make Macron the elected one, and he succedeed, sadly.

I was talking about the gimmegrant problem with a member of my family and he asked how could penniless uneducated Africans get to Italy on their own initiative and pay the costs involved. I asked him what he thought the answer could be and he said ”they must be encouraged and assisted to travel to Europe by the leaders of their own countries just to get rid of them”. He also asked why the Italians allowed them into their country if they didn’t want them. I think that he made every sensible statement especially as he is just nine years old.

So Macron agrees with the British to build transit camps in Africa. Taken them long enough as most are economic migrants.

…rampant greed and corruption sold as humanitarianism! Our so called establishment say they want this as they have sold us out to corporate socialism at the behest of international bankers/usury.

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