Macron Mistake Part i

Macron’s election was bent. Just Google “French Election Fraud”. Have a read.

Creating ONE European nation isn’t working and will never work. One only has to look at the level of discord among the EU nations to see that greed and power will lead to conflict. Individual nations with good trading terms was all that was needed, but rich globilists had other ideas. What a total and utter ‘ balls up ‘

Uncontrolled immigration is the thing that will destroy the EU. It has led to Brexit for one thing and that will squeeze the finances. Poland hungary and slovakia and czech republic will not accept migrants. France now seems to be backtracking on its previous support for mandatory sharing of migrants. Austria has armed soldiers at its borders. Italy and greece are losing patience and being overwhelmed. Germany and sweden are suffering a huge crime wave from migrant misbehaviour. Brussels city centre is practically under martial law. And merkel still cannot change her policy? How can EU recover from this? Answer is they cannot! Game over! Returning power and authority to nation states is the ONLY answer!

When will italy realise that no one is going to help them with these migrants? Everyone knows the only way to get anything done is europe is to break the rules! Italy, turn the migrants away until you get help. Sieze the ships that bring them in, dont allow entry to ports, there are so many things you can do, chearge a processing fee payable in advance, etc. But as far as expecting help from france, you need to understand macron does not want to appear soft on immigration. It is clear thats merkels invitation is a diaaster of epic proportions. Poland, france hungary slovakia and czech republic will not take any more.

Patriotic Pal
Let’s do everything by petition. Certainly petitions to sack Boris, Davies and Fox would attract huge number of signatures. But is that how we want to be governed? Hear Hear especially BoZo Johnson.

Italy is rightly pissed as he just nationalized the STX shipyard in a bid to halt the planned Italian take over. So much for the single market or EU rules France abandons them for nationalism and protectionism.

France and Germany ARE the EU. Accordingly, they do as they please. Why we were ever part of this, I have absolutely no idea.

We’ve rescued the frogs twice in recent history from the Germans…

This time they’re on their own

The French had a chance with Le Pen, with Micron they have two chances.
A dog’s chance and no chance.

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