Jeff Rense’s not-so-humble abode

A threat to free press
Jeff Rense portrays himself as a champion of free speech and a defender of freedom of the press. But while publicly claiming to be a bastion of free press, he is–behind the scenes–trying to censor and suppress information about himself.

Jeff Rense lives in a 2600-square foot cedar house–which he describes as “modest”[1][2]–on a five-acre parcel of land outside Ashland in southern Oregon. The Jackson County Assessors Office puts the 2011 value for tax purposes at $516,000. This compares to a 2010 value of $652,000, and a 2009 value of $803,000.[3]

Thanks to Aussie Activist Brendon O’Connell for pointing this out.

ashamed of canadians ignorance (edited)
the truth is no longer hidden from the shitheads, it’s the shitheads that are hiding from the truth.

Phil Roberts
after reading ”the curse of canaan” by eustace mullins i’m convinced freemasonary satanists believe in the christian god more than christians. and i suppose they have to. they want to destroy humanity god’s creation and the adamitic bloodline. not my beliefs but the deadly brotherhood of freemasonary who follow the ancient bablyonian teachings of the occult. and it’s this collective mindset which appears to be running the show.

Mi-Mi. A light being shone in dark corners. Shills are being exposed.

Syrian girl’s name is Mimi Al Laham (to confuse people she also goes by Maram Susli)- the Al Laham family is part of the rich Syrian elite. Her lips (especially the upper lip) are fake, look at her pics from 2010. The name Allaham also is connected to Syrian Jews – read this:
So she might even be jewish instead of muslim. And she appears on infowhores! She part of the cointelpro. Couldn’t be more obvious.

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