The UK must step up to its responsibilities in helping to tackle the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean

Carol McPhee
Nigeria has oil wealth so why is it up to Europe to sort its poverty? UN should step in where people are abused by governments.

Cynic 2017
“…The UK must step up to its responsibilities in helping to tackle the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean….”.

Why? The UK doesn’t have any such responsibilities, especially when 99% of the “refugees” are actually illegal economic migrants. It’s high time that the politically correct bleatings of “stars” and media luvvies was ignored in favour of looking after the 4 million kids in poverty HERE.

15 billion in AID to the great Africa.
Meanwhile, hundreds and thousands mostly fit young males come to the white man’s lands. Why?

The Independent continues to refer to this as a refugee crisis when by it’s own admission 60% of these people are economic migrants.

Allowing this to continue is like me climbing the wall into Buck House and expecting the Duke of Edinburgh to welcome me with open arms and keep me in the style he and his family have become accustomed to. The reality of that dream would be met by an armed response team before my feet touched.

Merkel may well of acted with the best of intentions and a good heart when she opened Europe’s borders to Syrian refugees. The reality two years later is that any one from Pakistan to Nigeria seems to think they have a right to come and avail them selves of Europe’s carefully constructed and precarious welfare state. To allow migrants to continue to cross borders as if they don’t exist is not sustainable and anybody who fails to recognise that fact, be they members of an NGO or members of a government, are part of the problem.

Eurostat reports that an analysis of the first 46,995 migrants arriving in Italy this year reveals that the countries of origin have virtually nothing to do with Western policy at all:

Nigeria 10,000
Bangladesh 4,135
Gambia 3,865
Pakistan 3,625
Senegal 3,460
Syria 635
Libya 170.

Politically motivated NGOs, full of no borders types, are colluding in people smuggling. Don’t support Save the Children, MSF and other implicated groups to bring pressure to bear on them to stop. There are plenty of charities that help kids that don’t pick up 27 year old children off the Libyan coast.

Strange that the wealthiest country,Nigeria,is top of the list.

Yes the wealthiest most corrupt nation on Earth/African continent.

Carol McPhee
Why the UK… the most densely populated per sq km of winter habitable land of all the major EU nations…..way above France and Germany for example and pretty similar to Holland ? Over 4 times as crowded as Ireland and Denmark.

Take five million for what purpose? You leave 295million behind while you’re playing God and the five million you took are replaced in no time at all by the birth rate and you’re back to square one except you’ve also destabilized the uk labour and housing markets further.

Of course it would be virtuous though, and that’s all that really counts these days isn’t it?

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