Why Can’t People See What’s Happening? ”Crowds On Demand”? There’s A List?

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Published on Jul 24, 2017
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J Tremaine
KISSINGER ONCE SAID THE TRUTH DOES NOT MATTER, IT IS WHAT THE PEOPLE THINK IS THE TRUTH THAT MATTERS, or something like that. WHY is this ZioNazi still alive? Drinking baby blood probably.

Not Sure
U nailed this one Melissa and Aaron. I am a decendant of an army spec ops sargent…..always told me the riots were total bs. I was born after the detroit riots, but the news here just keeps bringing it up over the years as a “reminder”. U guys have real intelligence and thank u for sharing your findings…the only thing that will bring change and wisdom.

AA ProperGander Morris (edited)
The Riots Remain The Same: The Same Old Script On Eternal Recycled Repeat.
Contrived divide and conquer style agitation & controlled opposition are old games.
Alphabet agencies exist to grow government we do not need.

Johnny Darcalli
We have been fighting World War I for over 100 years now.
The West has been demoralized through decades of Marxist propaganda.
Our only chance is to become critical thinkers and to strongly encourage others to be so.  Hopefully in 15-20 years the process will begin to reverse itself.

Adam Swartz is that a jew name? Katzenback is that a jew name? Ronald Ziegler is that a jew name? The jew agenda? I get it, I see it, I am awake. Read this: https://thezog.wordpress.com/who-is-behind-gun-control/
Why would those who said that they were stripped of their rights to defend themselves be the VERY SAME people trying to strip YOUR RIGHTS of self defense?

1 RomanT (edited)
didn’t the Manson family get paid to do the same, damn thing ?
the Frankfort (frankenfurter) School, was where this communism/socialism crap was planned out.
a bunch of T-almudic J-ews, got together to bring our beautiful, God-fearing, country down to it’s knees with it’s Hegelian dialectic, divide and conquer, crap. (judaism is communism). don’t get me wrong, i have J-ewish friends….just not of the Z-ionist variety. fight the good fight

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