End of the EU? Wave of populism takes over bloc as Austria and Italy prepare for elections


Mixed race and British proud
The EU is just another mad Marxist project that looks like it is going end in the usual death of tens of millions, those tens of millions being us. Marxism is an evil and very persistent social virus that after it has struck a nation, kills millions and is thrown off, then lies dormant in the political soil until new generations are born and do recognise it, and it infects them in another mutated form. The current form of Marxism is disguised in the name of “Liberalism”. It is the story of fairy tales, “Rob the evil rich ad give to the poor” Only it usually turns out, they rob the rich, kill the poor in their millions, then when the roof crashes, they rifle the government coffers and flee to the nearest capitalist country and buy foot ball clubs. Then after another episode of suffering, the bacteria returns to soils and…..waits to emerge on yet another unsuspecting generation.

GW: That wretched ”populism” eh? How would you be it’s starting up again!

Kinnock urges Corbyn to retain participation in the single market


Kinnerk is frightened he will lose his EU pension and perks typical labour though change their position after an election.

When doubt enter your thoughts, you must always bear in mind, if the UK is a success and it will be, after exiting the EU, it will severely damage the Union, so they and their treacherous supporters will say and do anything they can to prevent us leaving.

Will Fit
Is that the same Kinnock who along with his wife are collecting 6-figure pensions each from the EUOUS billions??.

I am all in favour of a” No way” style of relationship with the EU. I have never heard Kinnock talk any sense and this is true particularly since the referendum. Who apart from him can lose to Major another waste of space.

BuckarooLove you
That is one man I’ve never trusted!! Watson is a back stabbing two-faced deputy leader. He is the one (I believe) leaked the Labour manifesto to the news papers via the Tories.  All the political parties have this kind of betrayal buried into their ranks. All parties have to realise that it’s the people who put them into the job & are the ones who also voted to leave the EU. So stop all this stupid in fighting and get on with it, because what the country needs is a strong togetherness, not this silly school playground fighting which we are seeing on a daily basis…

What dirty stinking self serving parasites Labour MPs CONSTANTLY show themselves to be. Over 100 attacked Corbyn.  Own Smith ripped Corbyn to peices during the leadership competition, Yet the day after the election he was on TV PRAISING CORBYN with his tongue stuck so far up Corbyn’s behind he could barely breath. You had the likes of Chukka Ummuna keeping VERY QUIET about Corbyn during the General Electioin and he still seems reluctant to show his face after the party that he supports and is STILL a part of supported the LIES – the most OUTRAGEOUS LIES – in the run up to the election.  All those Labour MPs keep doing is demonstrating that they do not give two flocks about the British people, they are ONLY concerned about THEMSELVES.

Marta Andreasen -claims she was threatened with the sack and faced harassment and that she was followed in Brussels and her private e-mails were hacked into.

Kinnock the man famous as a failure first and second for sacking the EU fraud whistleblower?

Sums him up really oh and his half a mill pension from the EU and his wife’s 300k on top and that’s not even mentioning his Son’s wife’s EU connections and payouts.

GW:  And of course the dreadful Stephen Kinnock himself who was shoehorned into a constituency he has no affiliation with what-so-ever!

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