Side Thorn 2020
1. Sandy Hook School Shooting – Discredited CNN (again) tells the GP what happened.
2. Manchester England Concert Bombing – New York Times’ Version – Oh Well.
3. Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting – CNN again – Oh Well.
4. Boston Marathon Bombing – New York Post
5. Times Square Car Attack – Downunder Media tells of father’s heartbreak.
6. Charleston Church Shooting – CNN again.
7. WACO Twin Peaks Biker shooting – CNN – We’re everywhere & nowhere baby
8. Alpine Texas School Shooting – CBS – “The shooter appears to have shot herself,” Hmm
9. Charlie Hebdo Shooting – BBC – ”3 Days of Terror” – Je suis un proper Charlie eh!
10. Oslo Norway bombing & Shooting – NY Times – 80 Dead? – Good Lord THAT many?
11. Aurora Colorado Theatre Shooting – Denver Post
12. Virginia News Crew Shooting – NY Times – Kills 2 & Takes Own Life – Shooter shot himself – same modus operandi means conveniently he won’t be giving further details
13. Nice France Truck Attack – Guardian
14. Istanbul Airport Bombing – NT Times – 41 Dead this time?
15. Paris France Mass shooting – ”The casualties eclipsed the Charlie Hebdo incident”
16. Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting – 5 Supposedly Killed At Fort Lauderdale
17. Melbourne Australia Car Attack – ”A 33 year old woman has become the 6th victim”
18. Lockart Texas Hot Air Balloon Crash – Report by CNN – Sweet.
19. New York Central Park Explosion Foot serered by ”home made” bomb 
20. Atlanta Olympic Bombing – Guardian – Have we learned any lessons? 
21. Brussels Airport BombingBBC – What do We know?  –  Quite.  You said it!
22. Bunny Friend Park Shooting
23. San Antonio Rolling Oaks Mall Shooting – A GoFundMe page, has been set up.
24. San Bernadino School Shooting – Fox News  – Shooter took his own life – AGAIN?
25. Cascade mall Shooting – Arcan Cetin was ”zombie-like”  – That’s a made up name!
26. Berlin Truck Attack – Suspect shot by police in Italy – Oh Dear.  We will never know.
27. San Diego Pool Shooting – Cops kill suspect – shoot to kill & don’t ask any questions?
28. UK Parliament Attack –  ”Alleged assailant shot dead.” Why aren’t these attackers ever arrested?
29. Dallas Police Shooting – ”had written manifestos on how to shoot and move” – this seems to be a common theme as well.
30. Israel Truck Attack – easy as ABC.
31. Prove Geo Engineering is not happening
32. Proof of Planes Used On 9/11 At Any Location
33. Proof that man has been to the Moon or that there is a manned space station.

Reward Hotline 5122270261
”We’ve got your backs. We’ve got a surprise coming up for Google and Tube your days are numbered.”

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