The Banksy psyop – Where has his piece TESCO ABCD gone?

Shillers List
Published on Jul 12, 2017
As usual the clue is in the name. He represents the BANKS.

Pure Matrix (edited)
Good call, Banksy is 100% psyop. Real dude, but he’s got an agenda. Seems to have access to anywhere he wants. He shit sells to toffs and the companies and councils who own the walls and get paid for it. Banksy is another private school educated twat like (Peaky Saku)… I have points of reference with Banksy, I used to paint trains. Banksy also done paintings out in “Israel” and I think he might of had something to do with the remember
“I love Manchester” painting in london (yes the hoax) ribbons included. You can find that Manchester painting in the liam gallagher video, China town 😉

The Conscientious Objector
The Art Industrial Complex is a crucial part of the social engineering machine. as is the Fashion Industrial Complex and the Music Industrial Complex.

Therefore we have to assume that ANYONE “making it to the top” is controlled.

Freedom Now
Didn’t he go to Bristol Cathedral School which is now an academy?

I believe he exists to drive up the price of junk ‘art’, so people pay hundreds of thousands of pounds for worthless crap. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Tesco uses offshore havens to avoid up to £1 billion tax

That’s the island TESCO purchased & divided into ABCD that Banksy featured in his artwork.

paul shipman (edited)
Some of the information you state is true such as you can’t get super rich unless you are one of “them”. However, you keep mentioning “hebrews”. The ones who really control everything aren’t hebrews, they are khazars ( khazars are not semitic nor hebrews, they descend from the turkish tribes). The jews and wanna be jews are just copy cats and braggarts. They think they are the best at everything and own everything. You should do your research on khazars. David cameron and many others alike are khazars (fake jews).

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