Real Or Fake

smoken mirrors

KISS = Keep It simple Stupid.

Peekay Boston
Her hair sure is the dead giveaway…why does it remain stiff as she turns around? Why the fuck is it sticking up in the first place? Why the fuck do they allow women to have long hair and yet every guy has a crew cut? The only thing that is real is that trillions of Dollars have been stolen from hard working americans to promote this lie.

Something Fishy
If the astronuts hair is “floating” upwards on its own when she sits vertically, then when she turns around, and her head is horizontal, why does her hair remain horizontal as well? Shouldn’t it be “floating” upward despite where her body / head is pointing?

Grace by Faith (edited)
NASA = The biggest and most expensive studio production (and money laundering facility) of all time. I think almost everything offered up for our consumption is faked programming of trauma-drama, smoke & mirrors, bread and circus, and Kabuki theater, and I think this is the mindset we need to hold because it might be the only way to get at the truth. “The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on tel-lie-vision.” Richard “I am NOT a crook!” Nixon.

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