Brompton Bikes Another British Success

”The Brompton was born in the mid-1970s, in a makeshift workshop in a flat overlooking the Brompton Oratory in west London. The creation of a young engineer named Andrew Ritchie caught on, and Brompton has now become Britain’s largest bicycle manufacturer.

By November 2016 the bike was being produced in a large new factory in Greenford, north-west London, which was officially opened by the Duke of Edinburgh.”

”Electric bicycles are now fairly commonplace, but the generally big and clunky motors and batteries are completely unsuited to a small, relatively light folding bike. So working with engineers from Williams Advanced Engineering (which evolved from the Formula 1 team), Brompton boffins developed a 250-watt motor that wraps around the front hub.

A custom-built lithium-ion battery pack was developed – along with a crucial electronic component, a torque sensor.

The device measures the amount of effort the cyclist is putting into pedalling, and at a predetermined point the motor cuts in. The rider is required to do some work, but the motor eases the effort of tackling gradients and getting started when traffic lights change. Once the speed reaches 15mph, the motor cuts out completely.”

Electric Brompton Video Review – Custom Folding Electric Bike from NYCeWheels

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