Who Cares About Globalised Meat Products Anyway – Tim Newark? – Who He?

A little bit of reptile poking out there Liam and on the same page as a Tuatara Lizard – Are you both related perhaps?


I don’t want to buy mass produced meat from other countries. I’d rather eat less and have something that has the taste texture and correct vit and nutrient balance nature wanted it to have.

You can’t tell me the rubbish meat you get from commercial cattle, tastes like properly aged Hereford or Lincoln Red. Free range Pork and Chicken, grass fed and where you can, rare bred Lamb.

Less meat more veg but better quality meat. Got to be more healthy.

However there a lot of farmers who couldn’t organise a party in a brewery who get grants for being failures, weed these out, the ones left will snap up the land and run better businesses.

Anyway most of them could do with losing some weight….

GW: Down here at ”Watch Under The Willows” the sentiment is much the same Freddie!

Simply put I will not eat American Food – their farming practices are cruel and all they care about is profit.
Support British Farmers and better Quality Food

I agree. But remember this – British Farmers on the whole don’t support our manufacturers – they toddle orf to places over the water for tractors sprayers and disc harrows.

Where can they get them in our industry bereft UK?

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