Gang Attack People In Liverpool For Not Being Like Them?

Gang members Mohammed Patel, Amin Mohmed and Faruq Patel went on a rampage ‘attacking non-muslims’

GW:  Why would anyone hunger after your heritage mate?  It seems that your heritage far from being superior – is actually one which breeds an intolerance of a rather vicious nature.  Someone I know quite well has said that you lot are actually quite cowardly compared to some of us as it turns out.  His actual words were ”They will stab you in the back but turn round and you can chase 10 with a stick”.  Sorry but this person was somewhat of a huge hero in his time – afraid of no-one – and he worked for a time in both the Middle East and in India.  You are nothing more than a bunch of misogynistic brats.  You would make it into what he called ”the 10 percent.” 

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