Deputy council leader Rock Feilding-Mellen who managed Grenfell Tower refurbishment is director of firm looking to build 300 homes on the outskirts of Norwich

Rock Feilding, managing director of Socially Conscious Capital.

”Rock Feilding-Mellen, the deputy leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council resigned yesterday (Friday), following the earlier resignation of council leader Nicholas Paget-Brown.

Mr Feilding-Mellen, 38, was chair of the housing committee and oversaw the £10m refurbishment project of Grenfell Tower, including the fitting of cladding with a flammable core being fitted to the outside of the building.

The Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation are understood to have reported directly to Mr Feilding-Mellen during the building work because he is cabinet member for housing, though there is no suggestion he was aware of fire safety failings.”

”Had the development gone ahead, it would have resulted in the loss of 10 hectares of woodland.

Refusing the application, Broadland’s head of planning Phil Courtier said the plans would have resulted in a “substantial” reduction in size of the existing woodland.”

Thanks to ”Labour Left” for the link.

K&C’s deputy Rock Feilding-Mellen avoids bash at his family estate

”He decided not to head to his family home, Stanway House in Gloucestershire, for a wild weekend of partying with the aristo-boho set.

Feilding-Mellen is deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for housing, property and regeneration, with a brief covering the Grenfell Tower but he’s also part of a social set a world apart.

This weekend was the 30th birthday of his step-sister Mary Charteris, model and member of the band The Big Pink with her husband Robbie Furze, held at Stanway.”

Dr Dicky Kipper
This stupid ‘London diary’ column has no purpose other than to brownnose for the owner and editor. Scrap it.

What happens when these ridiculous Hoorays with their ridiculous names have children that get married. Do they then have 4 surnames.

And why hasn’t he been arrested yet?

Kensington and Chelsea needed Rock Feilding-Mellen like it needed a hole in the head

Rock’s mother Amanda Fielding was a proponent of trepanning. These days she is Countess of Wemyss and March – the New Statesman says the Count has had the operation too.

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