Masked men in van hunted by police after THIRD school holiday abduction attempt in a week

”Detectives are scrambling to find the men behind a third shocking incident on a girl, 13, in Gloucester.

The teenager was approached by masked men in a blue van in the Dancers Hill area of Abbeymead, at 8pm on Saturday, July 22.

The frightening assault is the third reported in just one week in the area with children out of school for the six week summer holidays.

In a quick thinking bid to escape the men the girl ran down an alleyway.

The teen said one of the men wore a black jacket and a black mask through which his brown eyes could be seen.

Unfortunately May has used the latest terror attacks, let’s not include the hero who drove into Finsbury park terrorist training centre, to further her agenda of spying on her own people. Anyone who is judged to have said any racial slurs will be arrested, fined or imprisoned. This will mainly go one way in favour of the M@@lims and Juwes who cry racism at every chance they get. I still don’t understand how Facebook and Twitter allow terrorists to keep their accounts open but shut down anyone who says anything bad against them.

GW:  Indeed yesterday an article appeared regarding how the attacks on the Jewish Community had increased by a ”shocking” amount and when you read into it, most of the ”crimes” were verbal abuse i.e. swearing one supposes!  Yet other members of our society are subjected to muggings, knife crime, burglary, child kidnap on a regular basis now and that’s OK no-one shouts about those things. With regard to ”verbal abuse” – GW told a member of the travelling public shouting into a mobile phone on a bus to ”turn the volume down” and he went apoplectic. However it needed to be said.

And furthermore: Teenager stabbed repeatedly by gang of thugs in London park

”The 18-year-old victim suffered stab wounds to his back, hand and arm during the unprovoked attack in Norbury Park.

One of the attackers is believed to have been carrying a hand gun which he used to hit the victim.  A police spokesman from Croydon CID added: “Three of the suspects are described as black, with two aged in their late teens.

dindu nuffins are rampant in london but completely ignored by the ivory tower government who dont want nasty names like racist to be thrown their way if they deport them zero tolerance and harsh penalities are the only answer for these benefit scrounging stains on humanity.

GW:  No we are not just talking one particular group here as we have Moped Gangstas, pickpockets, fraudsters, car thieves, fare dodgers, fecking drug dealers everywhere in Watford, etc etc etc.  Basically the UK Government has imported the criminal elements from every country of the world and inflicted them and their tactics on the unwitting and long suffering UK General Public i.e. the law abiding ones of all colours and creeds and backgrounds and we are sick of it!  One wonders if this has been by design as well.

Only yesterday GW was in conversation with an Indian friend who was saying that 7 high end motors in the car park at the block where they live were vandalised recently.  this has not happened before.

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