UK Column News 27th July 2017 – With Andre Vltchek and David Ellis.

George Greek Trucker

Joan Northam
Rees Mogg has SIX children, I believe – possibly they are one important reason he is beginning to see more clearly what is being done to the country in which their future lies….? If so, it speaks well for both his humanity and his loyalty to that country….America now had a Leader in Donald Trump – we should pray that we find ours, before much longer. I know each and every one of us must do our bit – but we DO need a leader who can speak for us, .and we sure haven’t got one in prospect right now, have we?

  • ISIS in the Philippines? There is a lot of propaganda going on about this at the moment according to Andre.  Is there a Syrian-type situation developing there?
  • Why do we see all this insurgence?  Duterte is very popular.  Since Duterte came to power he has put a moratorium on mining.  This is not local insurgents.  They seem to possess passports from the Gulf States.
  • Duterte is trying to reach a peace agreement with China and maybe this is not popular.
  • Andre is based in Beirut.
  • Duterte already did a deal with Russia to help sort out the ”drugs problem” in the Philippines.  This also was not popular with tptwtb apparently.
  • SoreAss Stooge Mikhail Saakashvili has had his citizenship in Ukraine revoked.  Good.  He is effectively stateless and there are several outstanding cases of embezzlement and abuse of power against him by the Georgian authorities.
  • Why is BoZo Johnson in Australia creating a new trade deal when UK & Australia are already trading partners?  Lots & lots of new bi-lateral ”free trade” deals are being created suddenly.  Why?  BoZo said he was doing a ”dirty deal”.
  • BoZo went on about the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier with no aircraft.  They will be used to ensure the ”freedom of waterways vital for world trade”.
  • It will not be UK run however it will be run according to the Tri-lateral agreement with France and US that has just been signed.  It is a flagship for the EU Navy.  It will be operating with just 12 planes????
  • David Ellis – You don’t need an army if you are not going to be a nation.
  • This is the Third Sector at work – there has been no scrutinising of any of this by Parliament.  Biggest Lame Duck for UK in a long time.
  • Manpower problems in the forces as well.  We had to send people to the French to get them trained.
  • Nothing new reports Mr Gerrish – Army short of 2,000 troops as recruitment firm Capita creates chaos drives away soldiers
  • ”I can’t understand why Crapita keep getting government contracts to be honest, they’ve completely buggered up the Interpreters contracts for the courts and, as a result, the budget for them is at breaking point……..   –  This is deliberate.
  • There is another agenda – HMS Torbay rumours are denied by the Ministry of Defence   Senior Ratings considered the submarine unsafe.
  • Interesting Deliberate Complexity Chaos & Confusion in National Defence – Wiring Diagram
  • BREXIT?  We are actually creating 800 – 1000 Statutory Instruments to patriate EUSSR Legislation into ours.  See Ministry of Defence: European Union (Withdrawal) Bill:Written question – 5712  The Tori Party have no intention of dis-entangling UK from the EUSSR but entangling us to it within our own law system.
  • The EUSSR will achieve their state, have our military and tax us into the bargain.
  • Technical consultation to simplify sentencing launched – Why are we doing this right now in the middle of BREXIT?
  • The launch of the National Cyber Security Centre
  • CyberUK by the numbers – ”the strategy is to use government as a guinea pig for all the measures we want to see done on a national scale” – Tech director Ian Levy.  Who are they?  Consultancies/ Cabinet Office/ Those Training School Children/  Honeywell etc etc – a mush of public and private organisations.  Tax Records/ Medical Records/ Children’s Data in Schools – Good Lord!  
  • Emma Warren Info Specialist @ MOD – sucking up MOD budget Doing a PhD!!!!!!
  • We are losing control of all our personal information under Treason May!
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