Treason May On Holiday

2016 – Theresa May picks neutral Switzerland for summer holiday

”Action May” 

2017 – May to take three-week walking holiday in Italy and Switzerland

Her dress sense needs urgent attention. Too short and ill fitting, colour draining due to white legs. Sandals ghastly.

her whole dress sense is ghastly she needs to stop wearing short skirts and learn to walk tall

I don`t normally make personal remarks but she has just about the worst dress sense I`ve ever seen !

And about as elagant as a Giraffe!

this eu loving remayner is a sad reflection of the whole eu loving libconlab establishment

GW: Well Yaaah – what more could a bloke wish for.

Volksmusik Tirol (A bela paisagem da Tyrol merece reprodução em alta definição HD)

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