Paula Robinson – Manchester

UK Critical Thinker

Published on Jul 22, 2017
Proven false story but let’s look at it any way… it was ‘real’ the following day and people remember this story but do they know it wasn’t actually real?

SERCO have a building right next to Manchester Arena.

Paul Ryan
Good work. I think we should consider that this woman is also part of the overall deception. The governments that make these hoaxes have an unlimited amount of money to pay the people involved, not only for their role but also to keep silent about the fact that the event is staged and not real.

Strange Fruit
Have you seen how big a crowd of 60 children actually is !
Can you imagine her and 60 children walking along the streets unquestioned at 11.00pm at night – FFS
Although the comparison between the ‘AMAZING’ angel, that is Paula Robinson as some ‘Manc’ Pied Piper, does actually have a real similarity . . . . Rats !
Sorted ! [sigh]

Isn’t taking peoples children also known as abduction?.

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