Juncker got a private call as he spoke to press…and who it was from may make you angry

Mr Juncker said: “It’s my wife… sorry.

“No, it was Mrs Merkel.”

”German Chancellor Angela Merkel is known for her influential position amongst European Union politicians and often takes a leading role in decisions across the Continent.

Mrs Merkel slapped down the Commission president, declaring she was “angry” after reports of a dinner attended by Theresa May and Mr Juncker were leaked to the press by Junker’s chief of staff Martin Selmayr deliberately.”

Martin Selmayr and Juncker are a very evil combination. I also think that Barnier is the mouth piece for Selmayr. In fact, evil is rife in the EU commission. We are not dealing with moral people. Therefore, we have to battle against this toxic crew. Walking away is the best thing to do and the sooner the Government realise the better.

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