Oluwaseun Talabi/Oluwaseyi Alibi/”Hero Pat”/ Whatever Your Name Is – In The News Post Grenfell For All The WRONG Reasons

Annie Logical
Published on Jul 25, 2017

I have created this video to update people on the ridiculous ITV news story about my channel and to let you know what has happened.) It’s all BS, and to think that I have been part of it, makes me sick to be honest.

ITV ran a false story on Grenfell Tower about a ”hero” catching a child and tying bedsheets together and a Utuber, together with other concerned members of the public, has refuted it all.

Kirks 71
The total height of Grenfell tower was 80 metres. 1 metre equates to 3.28 feet giving the tower a height of 262.4 feet now divide that by 24 floors which means each floor has a height of roughly 10.93 feet multiply that by the 14 floors that Mr Matey was said to be trying to escape from which equates to being 153 feet from the ground. The average sheet length for a double bed is roughly 6ft so if he tied 14 sheets together that would be a length of 84 ft so was he going to jump the remaining 69 feet to the ground??? That would be fatal!!!

Kirks 71
Unbloody believable so this is the lengths they will go to in order to cover up their deceit???? How much was he paid for that interview??? As I have said previously we should set up a Gofundme for you Annie and play them at their own game. Let him bring proceedings he then has to prove his case. You already have the evidence to back yourself up. You have merely reported on what the MSM have portrayed. Things will get very interesting when the actual footage of the bedsheets has to be supplied as evidence including the date and time stamps! !! Let’s see if he is willing to spend his ‘donations’ on lawyers I would lay money on him not doing so

Mr Talabi – Actor.

Oßi Osbourn (edited)
The ITV story reminds me of the Pizzagate shooting hoax which they used to damage alternative media and label them as a bunch of loonies. They use these kind of stories to justify their actions against so called “Fake News”, news that deviates too much from the mainstream narrative. It’s basically censorship in disguise…

HuSia Cat
Facebook cannot be trusted on any level.

Check out any paedophile hunter channel to see why, they happily allow adults to groom children, 9/10 caught, use Facebook. They will remove an article within an hour, that criticises those who must not be criticised, but when it comes to adults fucking children, dick picks etc, they love it.

I appreciate it’s become a tool for many, but Facebook should not be used in 2017.

Annie Logical – ITV News Report About AL’s Video Refuting the story of ”Double Hero” Pat aka Oluwaseyi Talabi/Oluwaseun Talabi

GW: One wonders what household would just have 14 double bed sheets available to make a rope really. Most households with 3 bedrooms occupied have say 6 sets of single fitted sheets and single duvets and say 3 sets of double fitted sheets and duvets. The sale of flat sheets has gone through the floor except maybe at Buck House – where we saw that naked man making an escape from an upstairs window via knotted sheets some time back but we noted that he fell off before reaching the ground – out of a burning tower block with knotted sheets Mr Talabi? What WERE you thinking?  Why were you wasting time knotting sheets?  And you supposedly had a wife and daughter as well???  Three people all on the sheets????  How would you fasten them to take the weight????  Dufus!

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