The Truth About KEN O’KEEFE & His Luciferian Girlfriend “SOPHIA”

July 14, 2017

”Approximately 8-10 weeks before Sophia presented herself at the Anarchapulco conference where she knew Ken would be speaking and where they met for the first time, she posted the following image on her facebook page, which you can check out here.

GW: Re Ken O’Keefe and his ”girlfriend” – She seems remarkably young and if you are dedicated to ”the cause” then perhaps you wouldn’t let a possible Satanist into your life? Someone said of him he has the gift of ”talking a good game” – guess he has at that.

Skeptik Cal
Is Sophia, of the Ken in the car video after Anarcapulco event, Ken’s new mind-control handler? And do you think that Sophia might have activated a mind-control chip in Ken’s brain to have switched him from “Activist” to “Hedonist” bent on Dominica by using other people’s money obtained by a fraudulent cause? Ken was a marine in the heart of the US Military-Industrial-Complex, and we know that they are implanting some of the military and law enforcement to do their bidding robotically. Many researchers have blown the whistle on mind-control chips, such as David Icke,, and Max Speers who had them, and appears to have been recently murdered.

I believe that this is a wholly important question!

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