Part iii

Patriot Pete
Our EU money went on Spain’s motorways years ago and no one hardly uses them either!

I know our money has gone there. Their roads are not busy like ours either. What I hadn’t realised until yesterday was the amount of heavy goods vehicles that use our roads from Europe to Ireland and vice versa.

UK’s population density will be worse than Japan’s population density. The UK already has more people per square kilometer than China, Switzerland and Germany

Anyone who wants continued mass immigration just take a look around you – are you able to buy a house, will your children be able to, even renting is difficult enough, how long is it to see a doctor, do you need an operation or healthcare that’s about to be rationed, do you spend hours commuting to work because of the sheer volume of traffic and people, can you easily park your car, are your children now part of huge classes, are they able to get a place in the school of your choice, did you used to live near a town and now find yourself living in town because it’s expanded out to meet you?
Have your taxes gone up?
Has your quality of life gone downhill due to any of these things?
Need I go on . . .

You forgot……. do you walk down a street and not hear English being spoken by anyone else. I was in my local Tesco the other night and when I got to the till the young lady said to me. ” Oh great another Brit I was beginning to feel isolated as we are now so outnumbered.

Remoaners can’t explain but perhaps I can. The mass immigration happening all across Europe (Within European borders as well as from outside) is nothing to do with economics. The migrants may be hoodwinked into thinking they will have a better life but we know that most end up in camps, detetion centres, sleeping on the streets… The real purpose behind this is to get us to interbreed and the resulting generation will be of mixed heritage(s) and therefore will have no clear roots, history or nationality other than being “European”. This makes it far easier for the EU to create the new super-state country of Europe – the EU dream will then be complete – Everyone blended together, no internal borders, no sovereign states, no governments other than the EU – absolute control of Europe. All the indivual cultures and histories of Europe will be wiped away. History is being rewritten as we speak – schools are already starting to teach that World Wars 1 and 2 were European CIVIL wars and not between individual nations so as to fool the next generation into believing Europe was ALWAYS united as a single entity.

I am all for any one from any country coming , But ,,, They must have assets over 30 thousand pounds in their bank , They must have a full time job lined up , They must pay for their own home and bills etc , They must have insurance for health etc , They must accept our culture and respect everything about Britain and her people , They must be professionals in job aspects . If ALL is met then we would consider if we NEED any more . Which we don’t . So jog on .

Most of the UK is no longer a desirable place for vacationing. British charm is being replaced with foreign attitudes that are far from charming.

Albanian gangs have already taken over Londons underworld from british gangsters they now control the drugs trade in London must we import MORE? Well you know what to do – don’t buy their drugs!

Free movement of people has become a “scroungers charter”. Blair didn’t think that so many would come to leech off our benefits system, in truth – he simply didn’t think! Well minimise your tax exposure as much as possible.

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