Ken O’Keefe just related how they tried to kill him and his girlfriend while on a trip to the Dominican Republic.

”Iran hasn’t had a war for 600 years and Iran is the threat?” Yea Right.
”Look at what we are doing. Experts talking about why the US policies are not working. Are you expecting peace with those type of policies? Of course Israel doesn’t want peace in the Middle East.”
”They know that we are almost at the 100th monkey.”
”The powerful have always held information for themselves.  They violated that with the Internet.  Boy if we could get at the stuff in the Vatican Library.”
”I love the financial crisis and draconian laws.  This becomes the ”red line” for more people so it is now coming to a head.  They know this.”
”The Russians do not bow.  They are tough people man.”
”Let’s stop pretending that our political prostitutes are going to save us.  Hell Tony Blair was going to do it.  Look how that worked.”
”They both by-passed the bankers.  That’s the key.”
”Usery is not allowed in Christianity.”
”Everyone in our system has now been bought.”
”Sorry I can’t pay that tax as I signed a Social Contract which doesn’t allow me to. Don’t like it? Here’s my lawyer.”

See Ken’s Talk Here: They’re Done! Checkmate – We Win! Ken O’keefe’s solution! 

GW: Hmmm is that why Mr O’Keefe is so unpopular with tptwtb now.

sandra pake
I’m so glad were all waking up! I’ve changed my life. growing my own veggies taking organic cleanses and vitamins. my health has done a 360 since I stopped eating all the gmo foods. fluoride in our water is still hard to stop since they still add it to our water and it’s hard to remove. bottle water better but only small few companies r doing the right thing. by the way they used fluoride back in the 1800 on farms to kill mice that eat their crops yet the add it to our water to help our teeth?? WTF. look it up. that means no matter what u eat it either watered by fluoride water and it in your body or what ever u but from any company uses tab water to make their products. breads, drinks, box meals everything has fluoride water. I stopped using deodorant with allumin. I see the hole world differently. I see the media lies. I see it’s the elite starting wars. I see all the bills they pass. they charge us for every little thing can think of to take our money. bullshit fees. if u die and try to leave what u have to your children the irs takes half. it’s ridiculous. but I’ll stop because my list would b a book of the bullshit. all of us need to start with ourselves and families. take care of yourself and stop buying corporate foods, products and they all will go belly up. grow your own food. stop buying the next best TV or phone or car and just take care if what u have. we can bankrupt the elite if we all pull together. what would b super awesome is if we all collectively stop paying our taxes!!!!!

falcon 3s
Ken, add Polish/Hungarian opposition to Irish and Palestinians. Poland and Hungary are currently an inspiration to the Western world as far as the opposition to the readers of satanic Babylonian Talmud

russbren bowles
I listened to your entire seminar before GLADLY sharing on “shitter”. That had to be one of the best Anti Bullshit explanations I’ve heard to date.   ”Shitter” – Love it!
My hats off to you Sir
Pls people share this in an Epic fashion before they censor it off the Internet . This is the 1st time I’ve heard this gentleman speak and even my Grandfathers would approve if they were still here as they were old school and Veterans of numerous wars and Loved our WORLD & they raised us to call Bullshit just like many notable people throughout history. Christain, Muslim ,jew, hindu you name it would most likely agree . Throw off your shackles and fight back through
Whatever tyrannical system surrounds you & get involved in change towards Bringing back
Legal Lies told & enforced on you every single moment of every single day. LEGAL SYSTEMS world wide bend & distort truth of what we perceive . Right is Right & Wrong is Wrong .
Come together – we all do live on the same planet and everyone is your extended family .
THE UN & 1 world order Gov is not a conspiracy that’s like saying we don’t have a world economy …They seek to enslave us more & more .
I could go on Hwvr I feel and have just about always felt like this Gent & in your heart isn’t being a patriot a choice to stand up for what is right and this is universally true …all people of every nation = we are all human
And have certain inalienable rights and these “Fluffers” Use our fears & false flag patriot of this nation & that nation to
Divide & conquer us
Would you sign such an agreement like this one?
My add on;
What wasn’t mentioned for example is sales tax alone is enough to regulate all industry and is enough for everyone to have a good education, medical care, etc it is truly enough to cover everything you might come up w …don’t believe that our world and nations’ top economists all agree fundamentally.
The best example I can share is take a good hard look at Mondragon Spain all the world’s governments have studied their system and what do you know
It’s probably the best example 1 can find & this scares the pants off the world elites Esp the top 1% of the 1% .
So if we were to choose our Government which is supposed to function to improve, safeguard and protect us & the common good then anything else would be deemed treason by all people as it violates the common good .
It’s not communism, socialism or any other coined name it’s called as close to freedom as u can get. This is my humble opinion
I am an American and Love the American people Hwvr I’m a human and Love the people of the world without bias .
The Elites for example have an INSTITUTED plan which the past few presidents have signed and have executively put in the works is UN ARTICLE 21 it

UN Sustainable Development – Agenda 21
Make the time
If the people don’t stand up & say ”ah Hells no” then it will come to pass .
I will not spoiler alert – you need to read it for yourself; if you’ve read down this far just maybe just maybe you give a rats .
You know you smell a rat in “your house”
Now find it and and put it out to pasture .. Respectfully,
Russell M. Bowles
A Common Man

Shelley Summers
Ken O’Keefe was on that Palestinain Aid flotilla a few years back and took on some Israeli commandos. Here’s another of his many finest ….
Ken O’Keefe – Greater Israel – American Blood and Treasure

join up with team humanity

Max Igan on Zen Gardner and Ken O’Keefe – Offering Some Clarityeply 2

adam garrett
i was really hoping ken was legit, he was the one person on tv who i believed in but after hearing yours and his interview on the richie alan show i have my doubts about him which has upset me a bit. you seem like a genuine guy max, dont let the bastards grind you down. all the best.

Ethan Simmons
Hello. The reason Ken is able to travel ANYWHERE without question is simple. He’s Deep State CIA,

Ryann Navin (edited)
WHat if ken is a secret deep state agent set up to bring down independent media the NWO would LOVE THAT…. and it is exactly the kind of thing they would do. What these NWO demon people do is stab people in the back they have cultivated deep relationships with this is how evil works and it is sick.

conduittothecollective (edited)
I withdrew from the system(s) five years ago, and figured out that paying income tax was voluntary, the tax forms here in NZ don’t go back to the tax department but stay with the employer for seven years.

On the form (IR330) one inputs an IRD (Inland Revenue Department) number, i went with 000-00000-00, then the name, i chose “noman est quasi rei notamen” one chooses their entitlement to work, Citizen, Resident….etc…and right below is a box titled “Other” to which i wrote “My right to earn a wage” and for the signature i wrote “Vi Coactus” because below the signature line there are instructions for the employer to deduct 45% of the gross wage if the form is incomplete and not signed...i have also seen on other peoples income tax statements and payslips a “use of money” entry and a corresponding fee…couldn’t get more blatant than that and no-one even notices it…

Been watching your vids on and off for the last five or six years now…I too have been down all those rabbit holes from plowing through law and economics dictionaries, to writing affidavits, constitutions and declarations, registrations on PPSR, and having it out with people into the whole OPPT, Sovereign Citizen, Freeman on the land nonsense who can’t see past their own noses and come to the same’s all nonsense but it is an essential learning curve to be able to see through the deceptions around you.

I watched some Santos Bonacci videos, along with David Icke, Karl Lentz, Dean Clifford, University of Arcadia and a great many others a few years back but none really fully resonated with me, there was always the under lying current of currency about them....anyway, just keep on keeping on Max.

Sorry for rambling on, i am passionate about this stuff and taught myself for free…and have helped others for free too…if I learned it for nothing but my time, then who am i to charge anyone else currency for wanting to learn it too…my time is worth what i say it is…and to witness someone get that epiphany moment when it all comes together for them, is like seeing a baby being born and taking their first breath that is worth more than currency…


Peace from NZ.

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