Croatians Demand Right To Settle In UK – Part i

Just what we need an influx of Croatians to add to the Poles, Romanian gipsies, Latvians and most of them with poor command or understanding of the English Language!  The next step Orrin is that we English speakers will be taxed to ”pay” for our advantage that we have over all these ”poor unfortunate individuals” who do not.  Watch this space.

They want clarification, here it is. You’re not welcome. We already have too many east European chancers in our midst.

The Saint
Sadly, it is starting to look like that – when the population of England alone gets to 70 million – the population in UK is 80 Million and rising actually – NOT 65 Million as the government keeps saying!

Roy of Gloucs.
Mrs Merkel and the EU are allowing millions of migrants into Europe to fill job vacancies. Why then is there record unemployment in Greece, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal? Why has one mayor in northern Germany complained about being required to take 50,000 migrants to fill job vacancies when the town and surrounding area have more than 50,000 unemployed Germans? Somebody needs to wake up and officials need to discover honesty before things change.

Just shows how Croatia is still influenced by the Eastern Block’s mentality. It’s leader thinks the referendum should never have taken place? Really? Thanks for the heads up – we do because we’re a democratic nation, the majority rules – not a bunch of manipulative self-serving dictators hiding behind the scenes – and that’s just one of the reasons we want out! . . . and no, we don’t want or need any more unqualified, skill-free EU gimmigrants either.

The Saint
Here is a thought, how about staying in Croatia and building your own country up, instead of ruining ours .

Governments & MPs have betrayed you time after time by first of all being in this mess of more than trade up to their necks and secondly for using tax payers money to fund business who employ these people No wonder we are short for the NHS housing etc when we are topping up big business so as they can get bonus’s by employing these people we don’t need to it’s a Political scam to change GB as BLAIR admitted and done All i would like to say to these people i hope some day you reap what you have sown and they all have 10. Children.Im not in favour of Parliament being protected by security they keep saying they are there to represent us — not. Take the same risks as you pass laws for us

So we will have all of Croatia moving here?

The EU are completely ignoring why the UK voted Brexit. We want to stop migration, especially from East European countries. We have allowed in enough criminals, scroungers and benefit seekers. Why should this banning of these migrants have to wait until 2019. That is a recipe for disaster and a mass influx until then. We should make it harder and harder for migrants to get in and claim our benefits like housing, schooling, free health care. Why don’t these people want to settle elsewhere in the EU. Because other countries make it difficult for them and don’t have a benefits system as easy as ours. I say keep them out.

Ms Bogdan is right to say that the rights of Croatian citizens are important; as are the rights of British citizens.

Take Back Control
Another Country that contributes F.all but wants the British taxpayers to tuck its citizens safely up in bed. Enough is enough for we are full.

Take a day trip to my old town Shirebrook. They don’t call it little Warsaw for nothing !!! Like Lincoln they’ve taken over. Until recently I lived next to 10+ Poles (the number was ever changing so unsure) in a 2 bed semi . It was a bloody nightmare let me tell you . I HAD to move after 25 years living there. I would swap 3 million Croatians for 3 million Poles in a heartbeat. Poles are Russians basically after all the years they lay together under communist rule, and love their vodka. Poles drink to oblivion. It was party time to the small hours ( 5 am usually ) every weekend. Mike Ashley is buying up all the properties in the area to house his workforce. After spending years in the army working with many nationalities I’ve become a racist. I can’t even tolerate hearing their voices anymore after my experience. Yes I’m a brexit fan and for good reason. Shut the door NOW and fook the rest of Europe off. If they want to play hardball fine we’ll survive, we always have and always will. What we have shown over the centuries is we’re resilient. CLOSE THE DOOR AND CHANGE OUR LAWS FAST. For the ones that are here and we’re stuck with, criminal checks for them all. A Polish family was soooooo disgusted with their son after he raped a girl they packed him off to England.. and yes his sorry backside landed in Shirebrook. I can tar them all with the same brush because they’re all the same.. drunk FOOKING yobs on a high when here.

Daily Mail, four weeks ago, and one example of many –-“Two Romanian fugitives cannot be extradited because jail cells in their homeland are too small. UK judges say the cramped conditions contravene rulings from the European Court of Human Rights.”

We must be the dumping ground for Europe’s criminals, but why should ‘Europe’ care? Another ‘little local difficulty’ that they need no worry about.

It’s me
So the Croatian minister thinks the referendum should never have taken place!! How very dare he – we have every right to have a democratic vote and we will be well shot of being attached to countries who think we should not have that democratic right!.

The city where I live has been changed for the worse by eastern european gangs who have brought a crime wave, especially pick pocketing, begging and burglary. The jail figures in the UK speak for themselves as to the quantity of East European criminals we are now keeping there. There is a particular ‘pocket’ of society their original countries want to dump on us – I cannot say what pocket or this post will just be deleted – however thousands have already arrived and they are not here to work and our generous benefits and housing encourages it. Croatia will just try to offload on us what they don’t want. They are just panicking they will no longer have Britain to use for this.

It’s me
With regard to the East Europeans who arrived near us – or at least one particular group of East Europeans – over 2000 arrived en masse and the council housed all of them. Unskilled, uneducated, crime sprees galore – muggings, shop lifting, even stealing off clothes lines. No Croatia – get lost. You and other East European countries have provided us with enough problems to be going on with. It’s a major factor why many voted to LEAVE, including many of our local, law abiding and very hard working Asian population.

GW:  And they all speak at above 100 decibels in public places as well.  What’s wrong with them?  Can’t they turn the volume down a bit?  Close the door and change the locks folks.  Never thought GW would ever say such a thing but these ”migrants” are being used by tptwtb to run a social experiment on us and this ”lab rat” has had enough!

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