The Transfer Agreement – Part iii

Swash Bucklin
The Holocaust is Zionist propaganda not Jewish as true Jews do not want the state of Israel. Adolf was given money by the Zionist Banksters to make Germany Great again. Adolf didn’t know the true total expense of this plan, he also didn’t know that the Zionists with which he had dealt would take further advantage of Germany after his death by creating a story about genocide that would be used to assist their un Godly acquisition of Palestine to create the anti God state of Israel. Zionists then committed genocide, continued to terrorize the Middle East and created wars that the Zionist Banksters would use to enslave the Americans.

phok jew (edited)
This corresponds with my Aunt’s version of what went on in Germany during WW2 and she was a little German girl in Berlin when the bombs fell. She explained everything to me. How the Nazi’s were AshkeNAZI Jews and Hitler was an AshkeNAZI Jew who saved the German/Jewish people from Allied bombing runs that were set to take place to wipe out the German people not Military, no your average citizen was being targeted for genocide. She warned that everything I read or was to be taught in school would be a lie! Jew Propaganda as she put it. Everything they did was to get the Zionists Palestine in order to Co-opt Biblical Prophecy! Now you see all of the hate for Israel and you want to know why they are creating it? Why the self hating Jew? Because according to The Bible, Israel will be destroyed before the time of the gentiles is over and the messiah will come! This will all be the biggest PsyOp those Jews will ever pull off in human history! I wonder how many will fall for it….just remember the radio and war of the worlds, they had people in basements hiding from an alien invasion! now they have even more effective devices and methods with the internet and social engineering programs like YouTube and Facebook. Unless people wake up the population will remain in the control of these maniacs!

Brad Erwin
The media said that 6 million Jews were exterminated, so it must be true. However there is no documentation that any Jews was ever exterminated. Thousands of them died from Typhus in Auschwitz, but none were ever murdered. The only reason they were ever even in those camps were because they had declared war on Germany.

See the newspaper headlines.

Hitler was in the process of sending them all to Palestine when WWII broke out. He never had any intention of killing them. The holocaust was a lie created by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin…who by the way, were all three Jewish. Research this and you will find that Hitler was a devout Christian. Loved kids. Hated dirty or racist jokes. Hated cruelty to animals. Rebuilt Germany from the poverty and ruins of WW1 into the richest, most technologically advanced country in the world in about 5 years. No leader in history ever accomplished what he did.

There’s no such thing as a Jew, there’s only the Ashkenazi fake Jew that wanna hide their history behind the name of Jew when they began hiding behind Judaism and Christianity historically but have that Persian magic Kabbalah n Talmud.

mrsbrown andhercat
All you need to know, from the most respected Jewish source.

The 1933 Haavara agreement is a strong argument against the Holocaust.
It proves Hitler never had any intention of mass murdering the Jews, only to relocate them. This fits perfectly into the Nazi program of expelling Jews from Europe without killing them. It doesn’t make Hitler a zionist, it makes him a humanitarian national socialist. It is the Soviet propaganda machine that put the Holocaust label upon Nazi Germany.  But the Bolsheviks were of ”the tribe” as well.

Silvio Trindade Costa
I just have to say that everybody is looking the direction the Vatican
wants. Who created the Inquisition to impose the love of Jesus and Mary,
on and on and on, and still prevail today with their incrimination
maneuvers? Dig about Jean Monet (jesuit) and Albert Pike (Scottish rite
freemasonry) and you’ll verify that all roads lead to rome where’s all
the wealth robbed from the world through their evangelical history, you’re
mistaken following the money. Want more? Google “vatican mummies” and
check the images.

Vatican mummies are FAKES: Bones inside two of the collection’s ‘ancient’ Egyptian caskets date back to the Middle Ages

There was a mix of male and female bones, as well as various body parts, including an adult tibia and fibula (shown in right scan), foot bones and a vertebrae (shown left). A ‘modern nail’ was also found in the contents

jackie moon
Hitler was either complicit or unaware he was being used. Nazism was the mother of Israel as we know it today, without Nazism the state of Israel would not exist. Cold hard fact.

Matthew Austin
Published on Jul 17, 2017
Taken from “Toddler Tunes.”

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