“The Transfer Agreement”: Hitler was a zionist agent working to create Israel.

Published on Jan 9, 2016
AshkeNAZI, got it?

The Truth Is The Truth
FFS… I used to be a huge fan of your videos man but this is just Alex Jones-level fake conspiracy crap. Hitler was NOT a agent of Zionism for sure. Put a Rothschild in prison, freed German media, politics, culture etc from Jews. Then world Jewry (Capitalism and Communism) combined to crush and punish Germany for kicking the Jews out. Yes, the transfer agreement did happen. There were even Jews fighting for Hitler. But only when the Jews lied about their sufferings during ww2 (Holohoax) did they get Palestine for “compensation”, making one of their goals come true…

There are jews and there are zionists. Zionists do not care for Jews, they are the black stain. They work in the shadows, Hitler may as well of been an agent to create Israel. Truth is always stranger than fiction. Sheep stay asleep, trolls and disinformation agents go sod off.

Fnord Fnordington (edited)
You can tell you’re on the right track when all the trolls come out to attack you! And it’s always to do with the jews and the zionists!

Hitler played the world like a typical two-faced Rothschild that he was: play both sides of the war so that you get what you want no matter what happens, and the people lose money no matter what they do.

claes middel
Hi!, I knew this before, but most ppl. are so mindcontrolled by the media, about this holocoast(holoHoax), It was mostly german civil ppl. they found starving to death, they were brought to big concentration camps, by the allied forces.

Now they are doing the same again, but in another way, they are emptying the middeleast of muslims(it has only started, and bring them up to Europe and to Usa/Canada (Australia will be next).  This will increase the muslim-jewish conflict in Europe, so they will move even more jews to Israel, so they can populate “the greater Israel Project” (it’s a big piece of land, and they need more educated and wealthy ppl. to defend this GIP.

Israel’s PM said after the Paris attack (staged by them of course), that all French and other jews are welcome in Israel, and many are already on the move!

All this is easy to see, if you have eyes to see with!
Keep up the good work

Fist of Yahweh
Not another god damn hit piece on Hitler.. Isn’t the Hitler Channel er I mean the History Channel doing enough with this anti-Hitler and Anti-Nazi propaganda?!? Hitler was NOT a Zionist agent.. You’re using the usual bullshit that Jews use.. If they can’t defeat an enemy, they will claim them as their own..

LOL he didn’t care about Isreal. He wanted Jews out of his country for a greater Germany. They were responsible for many bank crashes in Germany, they held 50% of their media and responsible for America coming into the first world war, falling into the Treaty of Versailles that caused World War 2 in the first place.

Vertigo Studios
Rothschilds, Balfour Declaration, Hitler Haavara Agreement. Palestine. Research those on youtube since there’s videos now uploaded that were thought to be destroyed… You’ll soon realize Hitler was another Trump and Putin.. A guy whom the people loved but were tricked by their great speeches .. who were proud to support their leaders..who packed stadiums.. and who were all in bad economic situations at the time they rose to power. All of them were put into power with money from the Jewish oligarchs.. That’s why Trump uniting with Putin is the second step to the NWO.. first step was to dissolve the EU and the Euro.. once that’s finished.. say hello to your life as a fulltime slave with no rights and freedom.. right now you’re just part-time. Don’t believe me.. just think about this then. U.S. /Obama-Trump pledge allegiance to Israel. Russia and Iran are allies. Israel as everyone knows wants to nuke Iran off the face of the planet… Putin/Russia want to unite with U.S. who is allies with Israel and enemies with Iran.. so either Trump is going to turn his back on Israel (unlikely) or Putin is going to turn on the world and show his true allegiance to Israel and help attack Iran. No matter what happens.. the biggest loser in this scenario is the people since we are the ones who are on the battlefield dying. Now if you look at WW2.. it was the same plan. Get a world war going where Christians murder other Christians, (over 40 million Christians dead) and the jews can take Palestine. They’re killing two birds with one stone today.. getting Christians (the jew’s enemy) to fight muslims (the jew’s enemy).. when we Christians should be fighting the jews.. the muslims are our true allies in this holy war.. after all.. Muslims believe in jesus christ.. the jews.. do not! So you see.. keep hating on muslims like brainless zombies.. what you’ve been told about muslims is not true. Those videos you saw of them cutting heads off.. Hollywood studio.. just like the holocaust pics and videos.. I have proof.. the videos are here on youtube showing they were done by Hollywood producers.  Like the Moon Landing?

S. Bee
The watershed moment is coming as presaged by this softball cleverly edited media news byte of yesteryear that the ever embellished myths of victimhood were hoaxed. And the organizations behind this and subsequent scheming may one day yet again after this current election come tumbling out of the shadows and be faced with their chicanery and expelled. Keep a suitcase packed!

KA Persona
You have history to catch up on it seems with this repeated jew attack. its old news ! this channel needs to wisen up to the latest update on the reality of history.

Mentioning jews is like mentioning a proxy.A front man set up. A business man running a dirty business for another group.

More like a 2012 video. Everyone knows the zionists are paid off by banks operating on bonds and those guys are just insane and don’t claim any kind of religion etc.  You also seem to be ignorant to the swiss connection with mr hitler

YOUTUBE: THE PHARAOH SHOW for a little information about that swiss aspect.  enough said

Operation Agatha
I know all about the Transfer Agreement and the 51 Documents proving all of this but the pic of the star of David on Hitler’s arm is obviously photoshopped!

I wish people wouldn’t post shit like this because it makes people who tell the truth about these Zionist hypocrisies look like propagandists too!

I searched EVERYWHERE on line and can NOT find a pic of Hitler wearing the star of David!  This is ridiculous!

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2 Responses to “The Transfer Agreement”: Hitler was a zionist agent working to create Israel.

  1. This myth was exposed as exactly that, a myth. In the future please refrain from this kind of crap. The Reich Was Right!!

  2. fanofootball says:

    Thanks for the comment Alexander. Can we settle for ”The Reich was probably right”?

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