The Transfer Agreement – Part ii

The Haavara Agreement does not mean the Nazis were ever Zionists Hulton/Getty

Judah Ben Yasharahla
News Flash!… Hitler was a Rothchild, I think that says enough! WWI was created by the Roman fake Jews to get the state of Israel by stealing it with the Balfour document from England and WWII was created by the same Roman fake Jews to create the United Nations to head into the direction of the New (Old) World Order. It’s all about power and control. According to the Holy scriptures in the Bible… he who controls Israel, controls the world. Edom and Jacob are the last empires on the planet. Edom under Satan rules at the moment. Jacob a.k.a. Israel (these are the black slaves in America, the Latino’s and the Native Americans) will be the last and everlasting empire under king Yashaya a.k.a. Jesus. It’s the spiritual war between Esau (Edom) and Jacob (Israel)!

Pkp Kaaotiq (edited)
Hitler was a Rothschild, a bastard son of the Rothschild elite banking family. You are only a hand full of the 7 billion Humans on this planet to know, believe and tell the truth to the world.
Thank you brother 🙂

God bless 🙂

Judah Ben Yasharahla
No TnX! Bless You,.. for your eyes and ears are open! Share it with the world, it’s part of the Battle of the Most High against the fallen angels and their helpers! We’re gonna win this one, it’s written in the holy scriptures, the Bible!

Kim Collier
From what I have gathered the banking cabal has sponsored both sides of every war. It seems reasonable that the goals they set back in the early 1900’s or earlier with their foundations were very effective. The Bilderbergers I’m thinking are the true power behind everything. Bigger than every other agency CFR, United Nations, American joke of a fake government. The top people in power are always in the shadow. They control every single thing that makes the rest of our reality. They know it. We ( not the fat lazy sheeple ), all know this. We are now in the darkest times in all of history. They have used our money to lie to us and keep us in complete darkness up to this point. Julian ASSAUNGE would not have left his cat. Period. WIKILEAKS is compromised, any whistle blower that attempts to enlighten the world through WIKILEAKS will sign his or her own death warrant. They found a back door into the encrusted system WIKILEAKS used. I’m under the impression Trump is not who he represented himself to be even if he had been – which now seems not the case, the tiny % of people running this whole world would never have let him successfully drain a swamp of corruption. Period. I am at a loss on who or what will be able to stop this satanic spirit cooking pedophilic corrupt cabal. It is so much bigger and goes back back back to only God and the Devil could say for sure at this point. Pretty sure we as a humanity will find out soon though. Better buckle down people, pretty sure it’s going to be a rough ride.

Mimi Miani
What a Bunch of BS!!! Hitler was a zionist jew agent but that was not the reason they put him in power. The Goal was much much bigger and more complex and mostly the result was felt in europe and the transfer of wealth – which they have done again and again…..

GW:  That ”Transfer Agreement” was well named then!

Izabel Eakapu

Hitler and Zionism: Why the Haavara Agreement (1933 Transfer Agreement) does not mean the Nazis were Zionists

Izabel Eakapu
hitler’s ha’avara =transfer agreement was in response to the economic boycott of germany by the jews in 1933. the boycott was an economic disaster for germany and in order to keep the economy going, hitler geniously participated in the transfer agreement, by which money owned by jews was transfered to israel and israel had to buy goods from germany in exchange.

Tobias Reiner (edited)
“I told him he’s not my son anymore”
“Because, being a Jew, I didn’t want something to UNCOVER my own people.”

If that doesn’t show the Mafia-like nature of the Jewish people, I don’t know what does.

Michal Evenari
Solche Idioten! Natürlich. Und die Königin von England ist Rumpelstilzchen…

GW:  Why How dare you say it!

 Miki SubRog
Nope if you listen Hitler’s speeches you can see that he is talking about the zionist and what they are doing from the shadow, how they were promoting inmoral stuff to the people, how they are trying to turn race, religion, etc against each other, btw what Hitler was talking about is exactly what is happening again today. That’s one of the ways to realize that Hitler was the good guy.

Vanoss Lokos
if holocaust was real, anybody could have access to the historic documents about gaz chambers .. just try to ask for it and you’ll find your ass in jail for antisemitism.  And the irony of this is that the group ”semite” refers to mostly Mid Eastern Arabic Peoples.

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