In new vid, Israeli minister promotes Gaza island plan

”Animated clip with English narration shows Yisrael Katz’s vision for artificial island with suggested port, cargo terminal and airport.

Israeli Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) released a video on Wednesday promoting his vision for building an artificial island off the coast of the Gaza Strip to provide for the Palestinian enclave’s economic needs while maintaining Israel’s security.

A screenshot from the Gaza Artificial Island Initiative released June 28, 2017 by the Intelligence Ministry headed by Yisrael Katz.

The island, proposed at some 534 hectares (1,320 acres) and at a cost of approximately $5 billion over several years, would include infrastructure to provide Gaza with essential services it currently lacks, including desalination facilities for clean water and an electricity plant, a freight harbor and an area for container storage, which Katz says will help open the Gazan economy to the outside world and a bridge would connect it to Gaza, with one portion acting as a drawbridge. An airport could be considered at a later stage.”

Is Israel is building its own Guantanamo island and wants YOU to pay for it?


Published on Jun 29, 2017
The goyim know! Bury it!

Pringle Peddler
I saw no train access to that port. Not very efficient for a shipping port.

Leviathan Oil Field. It will be a port.

It is TIME for everyone to stop funding the FEDERAL governments everywhere … and stop paying taxes to these CRIMINAL entities … all governments are under the control of the Zionists & their collaborators with their FIAT CURRENCY which is their GOD and CORRUPTER! Without it … they are NOTHING!

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