Three Years Ago On 25 July 2014 – Farm Terrace Action Group Finally Lost The Allotments After A Fierce High Court Battle With WBC

Farm Terrace Allotments as they were.

”3 years ago today since we first went to court.
We have no regrets. We couldn’t have done any more than we did. It was never a Health Campus it was always just going to be a car park and housing estate. We will always hold Dorothy Thornhill and her Lib Dem council responsible and we will never let anyone forget about Farm Terrace Allotments.” S J Trebar @ Save Farm Terrace Facebook

Diggers Started To Rip Up Farm Terrace Allotments 1 March 2017

Marcus Dove

The destruction of trees, grape vines, badgers and family of foxes continue at Farm Terrace Allotments to make way for a health campus and that’s actually a housing estate 😪 — feeling sad.

”Riverwell” Marketing Blurb WBC Are Now Thrusting Through Doors In July 2017

Mary Callaghan
Very sad for all the lies – no wonder we can’t trust them. Dorothy Thornhill has to live with her deceit

GW:  The ”lies” referred to are the fact that this monster housing estate was initially called a ”Health Campus” to get it through DfC&LD and there was a lot of ”hot air” about light industrial projects allied to Watford General Hospital being set up.  In addition a road was built to ”allow ambulances to get to the hospital more quickly” when in reality it was to provide access to the area of the proposed housing development.  Thoroughly disingenuous local authority – actually criminal wouldn’t be an inappropriate adjective to use really.

Thornhill Pushes ”Riverwell” As A ”Trade City” In Borehamwood Times business_as_Riverwell_project_progresses/

“Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill said new homes had always been at the heart of the scheme.”
Followed by: “proposed hospital improvements, which the scheme initially centred around”
So which was it? In this sort of context, the heart is the centre. So is she lying then, or lying now? On both occasions she is lying.  The woman is as bent as a butcher’s hook.

Maceo & Fred
Love the new hospital and facilities Councillor Sharpe and all those hundreds and hundreds of new homes not being built in the walled off enclave of Oxhey. No wait you are opposing five new homes I understand. You must feel very crammed in over the river clone!  Oxhey is where Thornhill & Sharpe live of course.

DeusExMachina 18th July
If homes had ‘always been at the heart of the scheme’, surely the complaints were justified? because, you know, that implies this was never about the hospital despite being called a ‘health campus’ and being sold as a new hospital, with the ‘bonus’ of housing. It’s now housing, and maybe a lick of paint and a couple of new bits on the hospital.

but at least those 1500+ new residents here wont have far to go to A&E – there doesn’t appear to be any new surgeries in the plans, so the resource we currently have will be stretched even tighter than it is now

Having had the misfortune of being taught by the mare many years ago when she was using the Sharpe name at Queens’, it’s not surprising the approach shes taken in the mayoral role.  You poor dear.  I hope that you didn’t have to medicate after that horrifying experience.

Popeonarope 18th July
New Croydon, here we come.

Nwrhorn 20th July
This is all being built on the current hospital car parks where are we going to park when we need to visit the hospital?

GW: Everyone is going to be riding bikes/walking from Watford Junction/riding in ambulances. Didn’t you know?

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