Seven bits of bad news the government snuck out before Parliament’s summer recess

  • Schools mathematics shortage is “concerning”
  • Supreme Court judges want government to re-write immigration rules
  • We have fewer soldiers
  • £1.1 million of taxpayer money wasted over Brexit court cases
  • Number of police officers at 30-year low
  • Rail programme scrapped
  • Number of former ministers also working in the private sector has increased

Thanks to @No10cat for the link.

Meanwhile, lots of other things are afoot behind the scenes. People seem to think it’s only a matter of waiting for Corbyn to be PM.. but Britain’s corrupt establishment will not merely step aside and allow Corbyn to transform their gravy train.

As well as burying bad news, centrist tories and Blairites are colluding to cut Corbyn off from the source of his support. THE INTERNET... that is what all the hysteria about online abuse is all about and why they are demanding social networks eliminate “radical opinion”. Media like the Guardian are also enthusiastic advocates of ‘regulation’. This because their objective is not to reflect public opinion but to tell us what to think. The internet has robbed them of that power. Brexit, Trump and Corbyn’s success were ONLY possible because they were able to bypass the media and reach the public directly.

Theresa May is merely buying time to get her social media shackles up and running. In the meantime, the strategy is to hide anything that will fuel Corbyn’s support.

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