Robinson roasts ‘GLOOMY’ IMF chief economist Maurice Obstfeld over bungled Brexit predictions

Presenter Nick Robinson questioned IMF forecasts after “wrongly gloomy” predictions after Brexit

shanghai blues
The markets acted negatively because they don’t want us to leave . When we go their money pot goes with us which is why they have driven the pound down but it has backfired as it has helped our exports

The IMF is useless! Just ask them what they would do in the greek euro problem and they simply dont know. The greek problem should have been fixed in 5 minutes by them coming out of the euro, bringing back the drachma, devaluing and starting again with a tourist boom. They gave not got a clue, by the us that lagarde still in charge after her trial? Check out her incompetence for yourselves on google!

Project fear in overdrive! The death knell of the remainiacs.

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