European Union vs Soviet Union

boiling point

Published on May 31, 2017
Nigel Farage once said the European Union was the ‘new communism’… This video featuring a novelist and activist Vladimir Bukovsky provides a good comparison between the European Union and the Soviet Union. The most worrying thing about the EU is not so much what happens while it is in existence but what happens after people wake up, rise up and it collapses. One of the EU’s most toxic aspects is its anti-democratic attitude, where their ideology seems to be built around hating the original inhabitants of Europe and wilfully destroying their homeland. The EU and Merkel despise the people they rule over and see them as nothing more than a big business commodity without roots, culture or identity and who they can socially engineer into submission while it forcing upon them mass migration.

Dude Ster
It’s not quite ‘apples to apples’, but there are some startling similarities. The EU does look like it is starting to crack with Britain’s exit (Brexit). Hopefully, Italy will also vote for such.

Thumbs up for an interesting hypothesis and may God bless you! 😀

I have watched this movie 10 times now, it stil makes my blood boil. Its time to train, eat healthy and get organized.

Traitor Hunter
jew soviet union (it was a jew coup not russian revolution) vs the E-JEW, the jew won ww2  The Ashkenazis & their allies you mean

Craig MacGillicutty (edited)
The EU is a massive bureaucratic empire that is so divisive it’s politicians think they are smarter than everyone else about how they ought to think. The individual European countries represent individual tribes and cultures. Without differences you have no tribe or culture.

Mr Jay White
eu, imo, is bolchevik lebensraum.

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