Brexit & Food: What’s The UK Going To Put On The Table?

”Goodness what are we going to eat when Brexit is a reality?  We’ll all starve. ”
What a load of quitters we have in UK these days!!!!! Plus all the freeloaders who just came here to be fed and clothed.

Capt mainwering
@timroth07 and @northernrocker
If the two of you were locked in an apple orchard and close to death from starvation you wouldn’t realise you were surrounded by food until an apple hit one of you on the head.
The apple would have fallen from……………………A TREE!

GW:  ffs GET AN ALLOTMENT then!  Recently went to the usual allotmenteer summer gathering & BBQ.  Fritters made with onion potato and courgette – yummy – washed down with glasses of apple juice from Apple Cottage in Baldock.  Admired the giant tomatoes coming along in the allotment greenhouse.  Those Italians sure as anything know how to grow food in this country and then cook it.  Free Range Eggs aplenty.  Goodness some folk have nix imagination & no farming skill what-so-ever!  Like a load of stupid bloody lazy cats all meowing to be fed all day!  Get out.  Do some work and catch some mice FFS!

I see Project Lies & Fear is still going strong … and is still just as deceitful, stupid and ineffective.

The truth is that outside the EU’s Customs Union our food will be CHEAPER. The EU currently keeps food prices artificially high so as to protect their inefficient farmers.

Here’s one example: The EU has an FTA with South Africa but restricts the amount of citrus fruits they can export to us. This restriction was demanded by Spain, in order to protect their farmers. This is why SA are very keen to do a free trade deal with the UK, in which this limit is removed. As we have no citrus farmers to protect we are happy to agree to this, which will reduce prices in the supermarkets. A win-win agreement, and one of many which will result from Brexit.

The EU leaders are belligerent, intransigent, hate-filled anti-British racists. They hate us and want to destroy us. They are our ENEMIES. They pushed us out by spitting in Cameron’s face when he asked for some minor changes to the free movement rules. If they had responded more positively Remain would have won the referendum.

It is therefore the EU’s fault that we are leaving. So let’s stop bickering and just make a success of Brexit and get as far from the nest of vile EU vipers and Britain-haters as possible.

Before we joined the EEC, a lot of harvesting was done by students on their long summer breaks, (I was one of them) I don’t see why this couldn’t work again if students were given a suitable financial incentive, a 1% discount on the interest rate paid on their student loans for each summer spent harvesting could work. Or just plant less labour intensive crops and more mechanically harvested ones.

Ladofkent check your facts before making silly comments, For your information Goa does have a large Hindu population but also has a large Christian beef eating population, also India is one of the biggest beef exporters in the world, of course a lot of you little Europeans don’t get out into the big wide world much and don’t realise these things, One of the compelling reasons for Brexit.

More one-sided project fear from three well-known academic remainers
Missing off the bit how CAP encourages UK farmers to get paid more not to grow food here in the UK so that farmers in France and Germany can make big subsidised profits.
*** Nearly a third of the EU budget goes to farmers
*** It’s growing fast and is out of control.
*** It’s adding £30 a week to food prices in the UK
*** And moving food around Europe whilst paying inefficient farms money isn’t green either

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