‘We have NOTHING’ Dutch fishermen demand UK sea access as real cost of Brexit hits EU


chris bangkok
The cost of a licence to fish in British waters?
80 billion pounds every 10 years, inflation adjusted.

Four Candles
Go Cap in hand to Barnier and Herr Juncker tell them to start talking like Adults not Children. If you don’t like the EU leave like we have

This Dutch man thinks it will decimate their fishing industry. Someone wants to ask our former fishing families in Hull or Grimsby exactly what it did to our fishing industry, when we had to give up our rights to fish our own waters. Those rights allowing anyone and everyone in the EU to take fish from our waters, those fishing grounds that employed for centuries UK families. Time we fished our own waters once more, and IF there is spare fishing to be had – let the UK issue licenses and quotas, to those who we may allow to fish. OR they can just buy the fish from our own fishing industry as was the situation pre the dam EU.

They can blame the Common Fisheries Policy for any current problems. It was badly thought out and responsible for unemployment in the British fishing and allied industries and is a big part of the reason for Brexit. Simply put We want our fish. We were forced to vote out of the EU for self preservation.

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