Violent five-year-old expelled for touching his teacher’s breasts

Boy nobody would have done such a thing to Miss Southwell that’s for sure!

I’ve worked with kids with severe behaviour problems. Its quite simple really. They do nasty, naughty things and are given the message they have a condition, which permits their aggression and rudeness. Every time they do something nice or normal, they get heaped with rewards. It only takes a few days for them to play the system to the max. We need to turn the clocks back 30 years when ADHD never existed.

anyone who says ADHD isn’t real clearly hasn’t experienced it. My boy has just turned 6, he’s not as bad as the kid in this article but he’s not that far off. I suffered from it as a kid, I mostly grew out of it when I was older. When I was a kid there was no treatment and its not easy to get treatment or diagnosis now, they won’t commit to a diagnosis until the child is at least 6, its a battle to get these things recognised and treated, if it was done earlier maybe things could be dealt with to stop the condition spiralling out of control. Its very real and very distressing and smacking does not work, kids like this just laugh no matter how hard you do it.  Know this too.  A friend had a son who just laughed at her when she smacked him.  She had to go to parent classes to learn how to change his behaviour.  All bad behaviour completely ignored.  All good behaviour praised and rewarded.  Hard ”row to hoe” but it worked.

I remember a story, not many years back, where there was a boy who was badly behaved and was on Ritalin for supposed ADHD. After many fruitless years, they took him off of the Ritalin and gave him boundaries, strictly enforced, and there was a vast improvement in his behaviour. Boundaries and rules – i.e. discipline – are what these kids need, not excuses.

GW:  Years ago watched another friend deal with a naughty daughter.  Same procedure – boundaries and rules.  This particular parent sent the child to their room where the child sat until she realised her mistake and told her parent so.  The child was then allowed to leave the room and resume play.  It worked like a charm.

A friend of mine works with kids diagnosed with ADHD, the recipe is a simple one, wear them out ! He uses gardening, including the digging and heavy work etc, and they grow useful veg as a result without climbing the walls.

Sue Flay
What do the lefties expect, having successfully removed all forms of discipline and respect in schools.

GW:  Yes enough of the NeoGlobalLibTard rhetoric & enough of NG-LibTard child development nazis telling today’s parents how to raise their children.  One parent told GW recently that the ”child dev expert” had said that mashed banana & pureed food was not allowed for introducing solids to a growing baby but to give such things as carrot stick??????.  Another ”gender nazi” told GW not to encourage girls to wear pink??????  Just because this individual wears nothing but beige all the time!!!!!  Pheeeert!!!!!

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