Migrant Crisis in Europe – Kalergi Plan?

”Tyranny by the back door. It’s deliberate – people smuggling on an industrial scale.  they can stop it at any moment.  The Kalergi Plan. ” 

  • ”I live in London – it is now just like an airport. You can’t find English people now.”
  • ”Replace the population of Europe.  They don’t give a crap about heritage & culture.  Why not solve the problem at root cause rather than pumping foreign population in?”
  • ”Endless bullcrap from these politicians – Frans Timmermans & Peter Sutherland are the EuroCrats turning Europe into a cesspit via weaponised migration.”
  • ”They are now scared of losing their grip on power so now they want to establish an EU Army to protect them. These men coming on boats will be recruited into it because those people will be the ones most interested in keeping the corrupt EU afloat”
    boiling point

Published on Jul 7, 2017
Here’s a rant on the migrant crisis we’re facing in Europe – a truthful rant that is. This so-called ‘crisis’ isn’t really a crisis it’s a deliberate attempt to completely subvert the independence of nations and reduce them to merely regions of the world lorded over by bankers and CEOs who think they’re better than everyone else. There’s no democracy on offer or anything other than turning the world into a big company who you work for while being lorded over by fat cats who make lucrative, crooked deals with each other. They suck and need to go to hell.

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Dee Smith
No people have to “take in” any other people, ever. There’s no law that the people have consented to that requires that. It’s so much bullshiiit. There’s absolutely zero reason why these migrants aren’t creating jobs for themselves in their own countries. If, as they claim, there are no jobs, then there are no products being created, which means there are plenty of jobs to be created by these people who can produce whatever products they need. “Economic migrants” is just another fabricated label for the importation of cheap labor to benefit the various corporate entities that are finding it difficult to impose their own corporate rule onto the world. Globalism = Corporate Imperialism any way you slice it. Europe is now just a giant corporatocracy. You’re screwed.

The monster Peter Sutherland is the true godfather of the White genocide project.

Same in Australia. They get a government house (jumping the queue that Australians have been in for years), have their rent paid for 12 months and get upwards of a 15K loan for a car. You see these Africans, who can’t speak a word of english, driving around in shiny Mercedes and BMW’s being paid for by the hard-working Australians driving shitboxes.

Dave Dogge
I feel that the Kalergi Plan is real and has been in progress for decades. I saw it mentioned by Enrique de Vicente a guest on popular Spanish TV show Cuarto Millenio. Invite hordes of people into a nation that do not fit in and shower them with favoritism and welfare so that they vote for you and give you an edge on election day to gain power.

tubemak, One thing you do not speak about is the sheer numbers, (I agree with what you said) What is happening in Europe is not normal migrant patterns. When we immigrated it was legal, we also did not try to change the laws of the country, we did not tell the people of that country how to live and that our ways and religion was the only one. We did not in second generations have our children attack the people of that country in the name of a religion. You are seeing this as just normal migration, it is not. WHY all the single men, why did they leave their women the children and old behind. The flood from Syria of asylum seekers is long over. IT’s MEN only??????

C&R Family Rottweilers: Aid has been sent to underdeveloped countries for a very long time, has it helped these countries NO, it has gone into the pockets of their leaders. If they don’t want to look after their own people by doing this, that is not our fault.

Garth Spader (edited)
americans are quickly catching on to this plot. Most americans are weary of mainstream news now because of what happened with CNN. Soon they will all turn to alternative media online. We stand with Europeans and the preservation of the indigenous native populations, many of our ancestors were Europeans which we never forgot. WW1 and 2 were good examples of this, many americans joined the fight voluntarily simply because we cherish and love Europe. We will be there soon, keep an eye on the western shores.  Thanks to you buddy and we stand with you also.

dr dan: I have lost friends because of some of the work I have been doing. I helped get the anti sharia off the ground etc., but I don’t care I am trying to save all of our collective history. I think of guy like Geert Wilders who gets ridiculed on a daily basis simply for wanting to preserve his history, culture and country. I mean thousands could have already been repatriated back to turkey or morocco. People like Geert are actually trying to avoid something bad from happening in the not too distant future. DT nailed it in Poland, does the West have the will to survive, at this time I would say no.

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