EU wants right to UK’s child benefit – even after Brexit

Trevor Ammanford
So, lets see what the EU DEMANDS are so far.

1/ Pay them £100billion divorce settlement.
2/ They still want access to British fishing grounds.
3/ They still want us to import EU goods without any tariffs but not the other way round.
4/ They want to close down the finance sector in London.
5/ They want to have no restriction on EU immigration yet no guarantees of reciprocation.
6/ They still want EU law to apply in the UK.
7/ They want to restrict our aviation industry flying to the EU.

I will now add this latest DEMAND to the ever growing list.
8/ They demand child benefit be paid to EU citizens children even AFTER Brexit.

And they have the audacity to say WE are “cherry picking”.
EUSSR _ Like spoilt children – Daddy – I want! I want! I want! Then sitting down and screaming in the middle of a public place!

Time Davis packed his paperwork back in his briefcase and left the EU building by the nearest exit. Because we are wasting our time, this is not a two way negotiation, this is out and out highway robbery of the highest order, Richard Turpin could have taken lessons from this thieving lot in Brussels.

I worked abroad and claimed child benefit for my son living in UK, after 4 years I received a bill for over 5k saying I had to pay it in full because my child was not entitled to it. I am BRITISH borne and bred my son is BRITISH and lives in UK but because I worked abroad he is not entitled, but polish children NOT living in UK are, weird world we live in

GW: The EUSSR just want to bleed UK dry! This hasn’t just ”happened” overnight. Obviously this was a long-term goad as David Noakes observed in his very interesting talk with Edge Media. He lays it all out there.

Search: David Noakes on Edge Media TV: 3/11 ‘Exposing The EU Dictatorship’
Search: David Noakes explains Frankfurt School of Subversion (Part 1 of 2)

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